OfficeOrder No.54NG/201329.05.2014Tranfer order
OfficeOrder No.51/201327.05.2014Transfer order
OfficeOrder No.50/201311.04.2014Transfer order
OfficeOrder No.40/201311.04.2013Posting/transfer order.
OfficeOrder No.35/201328.03.2013Additional Charge to Shri Baljeet Singh, DDG.
OfficeOrder No.34/201326.03.2013Additional Charge to Shri R.P.Narang, DDG.
OfficeOrder No.33/201321.03.2013Shri Munish Mumar S.O. of CSS has assumed the charge of FTDO in the O/o DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.32/201321.03.2013Releiving order or Smt. Shringari Devi Meena, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.31/201321.03.2013Relieving order of Dr. Rajiv Arora, JDGFT.
OfficeOrder No.30/201319.03.2013Relieving order of Smt. Rita Mahna, JDGFT.
OfficeOrder No.29/201314.03.2013Shri Sunil Madan, US has assumed charge of Dy. DGFT in the O/o DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.28/201308.03.2013Posting order of FTDOs in DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.27/201308.03.2013Extension of consultancy period of Shri S.K. Tyagi, Asstt. Dir. (OL).
OfficeOrder No.26/201307.03.2013Relieving order of Shri R.P. Goyal, JDGFT.
OfficeOrder No.25/201306.03.2013Transfer order of ITS.
OfficeOrder No.24/201305.03.2013Joining order of Shri R.P. Goyal, JDGFT.
CorrOfficeOrder No.11805.03.2013Corriegendum to office order No.118/2012 dated 31.12.2012 regarding reporting date in DGFT in respect of Shri Akshay S.C, Asstt. DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.23/201328.02.2013Relieving order of Shri S.K. Srivastava, Research Officer.
OfficeOrder No.22/201327.02.2013Office order for assuming charge by Section Officers of CSS.
OfficeOrder No.21/201327.02.2013Transfer order of Shri Arun P. Kohad and Smt. Gorke Beri, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.20/201327.02.2013Promotion Order of Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade(Grade-II of ITS)
OfficeOrder No.19/201322.02.2013Additional Charge to Shri Ajay Kumar Srivastava, JDGFT.
OfficeOrder No.18/201320.02.2013Shri Daya Shankar, DDGFT will hold additional charge of Policy-3 Section being handled by Shri Nirmal Kumar DDGFT, during his training at ISTM.
OfficeOrder No.25NG/201318.02.2013Transfer Order
OfficeOrder No.17/201318.02.2013Revised work allocation of officers at DGFT(HQs).
OfficeOrder No.16/201308.02.2013Relieving order of Smt. Niranjan Kaur, DDG.
OfficeOrder No.15/201308.02.2013Promotion order of FTDOs non CSS.
OfficeOrder No.14/201308.02.2013Transfer and posting order of FTDOs non- CSS.
OfficeOrder No.13/201301.02.2013Revised work allocation of officers at DGFT(HQs).
OfficeOrder No.12/201330.01.2013Joining Order of Shri Vikash Narain Singh, Asstt. DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.11/201324.01.2013Work allocation of Smt. Varsha Sinha, JDGFT.
OfficeOrder No.10/201324.01.2013Relieving order of Ms. Vibha Bhalla, IRS, JDGFT.
OfficeOrder No.08/201323.01.2013Officer Order of Shri M.K. Mero, ITS.
OfficeOrder No.09/201322.01.2013Relieving order of Shri D.V.S.P. Verma, DDGFT, Bangalore.
OfficeOrder No.07/201317.01.2013Withdrawn of relieving order Smt.Ajit Kaur, PS, from DGFT
OfficeOrder No.06/201311.01.2013Assuming charge of DDGFT by Shri R.P. Narang and Shri Rajesh Malhotra.
OfficeOrder No.05/201311.01.2013Transfer order of Shri Abhishek Sharma, Asstt.DGFT
OfficeOrder No.04/201304.01.2013Joining order of Smt. Rajni Saini, PS.
OfficeOrder No.03/201304.01.2013Relieving of Smt.Ajit Kaur, PS, from DGFT
OfficeOrder No.02/201303.01.2013Assuming charge of Shri Tilak Ram Manjhi and Shri Baljit Singh as DDGFT
OfficeOrder No.01/201303.01.2013Relieving order of Smt. Ajit Kaur, PS from DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.11831.12.2012Appointment order of Asstt. DGFT`s in ITS.
OfficeOrder No.11731.12.2012Appointment order of Dr.Manish Mahendrakumar Mehta.
OfficeOrder No.11611.12.2012Relieving order of Shri Nishat Kumar, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.11511.12.2012Posting order of Ms. Suraksha sharma, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.11407.12.2012Revised work allocation of officers at DGFT(HQs).
OfficeOrder No.11303.12.2012Transfer Order of Sh. S. Muthukumar,FTDO
OfficeOrder No.11230.11.2012Relieving Order of Sh. Sanjay Kumar,DDG(CSS)
OfficeOrder No.11130.11.2012Revised work allocation of officers at DGFT(HQs).
OfficeOrder No.11023.11.2012Order for assuming charge of 3 new DDGFTs in DGFT Hqrs
OfficeOrder No.10922.11.2012Relieving order of Shri Ishwar Singh, DDG
OfficeOrder No.10822.11.2012Order for assuming charge of Dy.DGFT by Shri Rajbir Singh.
OfficeOrder No.10716.11.2012Revised work allocation of officers at DGFT(HQs).
OfficeOrder No.10616.11.2012Revised work allocation of officers at DGFT(HQs).
OfficeOrder No.10509.11.2012Joining order of Shri M.S. Dillon, Jt.DGFT, RA Chandigarh.
OfficeOrder No.10401.11.2012Promotion and Relieving Order of FTDOs
OfficeOrder No.10301.11.2012Appointment order of Shri Vivek Singh as Asst. DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.10231.10.2012Revocation of Suspension Order in respect of Shri C.S. Rao, Asstt. DGFT
OfficeOrder No.10126.10.2012Office Order in respect of Shri A.K. Singh, Jt. DGFT
OfficeOrder No.10026.10.2012Relieving order of Private Secretaries of CSSS,Cadre
OfficeOrder No.9925.10.2012Transfer Order of Shri M.S. Dhillion, JT. DGFT(compulsory wait period).
OfficeOrder No.9819.10.2012Promotion order of Shri K.C. Rout, Jt.DGFT
OfficeOrder No.9719.10.2012Assuming charge of Private Secretaries.
OfficeOrder No.9617.10.2012Revised work allocation of officers at DGFT(HQs).
OfficeOrder No.9517.10.2012Appointment order of Shri Navtej Singh as Assistant DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.9411.10.2012Shri D.K. Singh, Addl. DGFT is proceeding on election duty to Himanchal Pradesh from 17.10.2012 to 05.11.2012.
OfficeOrder No.9311.10.2012Non-functional up-gradation of ITS officers.
OfficeOrder No.9205.10.2012Posting order of Shri Nirananda Deuri FTDO (non CSS).
OfficeOrder No.9105.10.2012Posting order of Shri Bishnu Ram Khaklary, FTDO (non CSS).
OfficeOrder No.9005.10.2012Appointment order of Smt. Satyawati Wadhwa, PS.
OfficeOrder No.8905.10.2012Appointment order of Smt. Santosh Madan, PS.
OfficeOrder No.8828.09.2012Transfer order of FTDO at RA`s.
OfficeOrder No.8725.09.2012Appointment order of Ms.Inderjeet Sharma,PS.
OfficeOrder No.8624.09.2012Appointment order of Shri Nitish Suri, IITS at DGFT (Hqrs)
OfficeOrder No.8520.09.2012Apointment order of ITS Officers.
OfficeOrder No.8417.09.2012Shri Sanjay Lunia will look after the work of Zonal Jt.DGFT Mumbai from 8.10.2012 to 12.10.2012
OfficeOrder No.8314.09.2012Extention of consultancy period of Shri S.K. Tyagi, Assistant Director (OL).
OfficeOrder No.8214.09.2012Transfer order of Shri H.K. Roay, Jt.DGFT
OfficeOrder No.8114.09.2012Relieving order of Shri A.K. Singh, ITS
OfficeOrder No.nil13.09.2012Relieving order of Shri D.C. Sharma, Statistical Adviser.
OfficeOrder No.8010.09.2012Assuming charge by Shri R.S.Kunwar, FTDO
OfficeOrder No.7907.09.2012Shri A.K. Choudhary, JDGFT, CLA will attend to the routine responsibilities of Addl.DG of Shri Sumeet Jerath during his leave period from 19.09.2012 to 19.10.2012.
OfficeOrder No.7803.09.2012Relieving order of Ms Suman Kansotiya, ITS
OfficeOrder No.7703.09.2012Relieving order of Shri Abhijeet Singh, ITS.
OfficeOrder No.7603.09.2012Posting of Shri Anil Kumar Choudhary, Jt.DGFT at CLA New Delhi
OfficeOrder No.7531.08.2012Assumption of charge by Ms. Varsha Sinha, JDG in DGFT, HQ
OfficeOrder No.7427.08.2012Revised work allocation in DGFT (Hqrs).
OfficeOrder No.7322.08.2012Transfer of Shri Abhishek Sharma, Asistant DGFT from Zonal Office Kolkata to CLA
OfficeOrder No.7221.08.2012Shir Sanjay Lunia, JDGFT, Mumbai will attend to the routine responsibilities of Addl.DG of Dr. Kavita Gupta during her leave period from 21.8.2012 to 24.8.2012.
OfficeOrder No.29NG/201217.08.2012Transfer / posting order.
OfficeOrder No.7116.08.2012Relieving Order of Shri C. Gangadharan, DDG.
OfficeOrder No.7014.08.2012Assuming charge of Jt. DGFT at DGFT by Shri H. K. Roy
OfficeOrder No.6914.08.2012Assuming charge of Jt. DGFT at DGFT by Shri G. Parthasarthi
OfficeOrder No.6814.08.2012Transfer order of Shri S. Sasikumar, JT. DGFT
OfficeOrder No.6713.08.2012Assuming charge of the post of Jt. DGFT at DGFT by Shri K.C.Rout, ITS
OfficeOrder No.6613.08.2012Smt Niranjan Kaur will look after the additional work in addition to her existing duties
OfficeOrder No.6508.08.2012Relieving Order of Shri Ashutosh Mishra, JDGFT.
OfficeOrder No.6406.08.2012Transfer and posting of Shri Shiv Kumar Sharma, FTDO from RA Jammu to RA Ludhiana.
OfficeOrder No.6301.08.2012Revised work allocation in DGFT (Hqrs).
OfficeOrder No.28NG/201201.08.2012Transfer& posting order
OfficeOrder No.20NG/201219.06.2012Transfer order.
OfficeOrder No.16NG/201230.04.2012Transfer Order.
OfficeOrder No.01NG/201202.01.2012Transfer/posting order.