Officer Order No.19/201527.03.2015Order for assuming charge of DDGFT by Shri Prakash Chand, US(Ad-hoc).
Office Order-20/201527.03.2015Order for Additional Charge to DDG (SKM).
Office Order 08/2015 Corrigendum23.03.2015Corrigendum of Officer Order No.08/2015
Office Order No.18/201513.03.2015Appointment order of Shri Dileeraj Chandrakant Dabhole, ITS.
Office Order No-17/201510.03.2015Extension of tenure of Smt. Aditi Das Rout, ITS.
Office Order No-16/201509.03.2015Posting of Smt. Nirmala Alex, FTDO.
Office Order No-13/2015/HRD-I20.02.2015Sh. K.C Raju, DDG will hold additional charge of Policy-4 section (General Issues relating to FT and FTP formulation)
Office Order No-12/2015/HRD-I12.02.2015Sh. S.K Mohapatra, DDG will hold additional charge of Policy-5 section
Office Order No-8/2015/HRD-II10.02.2015Transfer order of PPS & PA in DGFT(Hqrs.)
Office Order No-11/2015/HRD-I10.02.2015Sh. Munish Kumar, DDG will hold additional charges of Policy-I & DEPB
Office Order No-5/2015/HRD-II03.02.2015Posting/Transfer of JDG
Office Order No-10/201502.02.2015Sh. Rajesh Malhotra, DDG will hold additional charge of Policy-3 Section
Office Order No-09/201502.02.2015Nomination as PS of Smt. Anita Sharma
Office Order No-08/201502.02.2015Pay fixation of Assistant DGFT(Probationer)
Office Order No-07/201522.01.2015The services of Smt. Pratima Dikshit(ITS) is placed at the disposal of the Dept. of Commerce
Office Order No.06/201520.01.2015Transfer of Smt. Dona Ghosh, Dy.DGFT to Department of Commerce
Office Order No.05/201520.01.2015Shri Rakesh, PSS has taken on the strength of DGFT w.e.f. 1.1.2015
Office Order No.03/201514.01.2015Posting of FTDOs.
Office Order No.02/201514.01.2015SO (CSS) have taken on strength of DGFT.
Office Order No.86/201431.12.2014Transfer / Posting of Jt.DGFT/Dy.DGFT (ITS)
Office Order(NG) MTS-1-12/201401.12.2014Transfer order of MTS.
Office Order No.77/201418.11.2014Additional Charge to Shri S.B.S. Reddy, JDGFT.
Office Order No.76/201417.11.2014Transfer of FTDOs (non CSS)
Office Order No.75/201414.11.2014Relieving order of Shri S.K. Pandey, FTDO
Office Order-MTS201411.11.2014Transfer order of MTS.
Office Order No.74/201405.11.2014Work allocation in DGFT Hqrs.
Office Order No.73/201403.11.2014Relieving of S/Shri A.K.Gopal and Raman Kumar, FTDO w.e.f. 3.11.2014
Office Order No.72/201429.10.2014Relieving order of Shri R.C. Meena, DDGFT.
Office Order No.71/201428.10.2014Work allocation in DGFT (Hqrs)
Office Order No.70/201427.10.2014Assuming charge by Shri Seikhomang Kipgen, DDGFT.
Office Order No.69/201416.10.2014Promotion of Shri Ashok Kumar Bhushan, FTDO(non CSS).
Office Order No.68/201415.10.2014Posting order of Shri Satish Kumar, Jt.DGFT
Office Order No.67/201410.10.2014During the leave period of Shri Sumeet Jerath, Addl.DGFT from 07th to 09th Oct. 2014 Shri R.P. Goyal, JDGFT will attend to the work of Head of office in Zonal office CLA.
Office Order No.66/201407.10.2014Transfer order of FTDOs in DGFT Hqrs.
Office Order No.65/201430.09.2014Relieving order of Shri P.V. Prasad, S.O.
Office Order(NG)/201429.09.2014Cancellation of Transfer order of MTS.
Office Order(HRD) /201429.09.2014Posting order of Smt. Meenakshi Dhand, PS.
Office Order(NG) MTS/201424.09.2014Transfer of MTS in DGFT Hqrs.
Office Order No.64/201424.09.2014Dr. Shobhit Jain, IRS (C&CE), has assumed charge of Jt.DGFT in DGFT Hqrs.
Office Order No.63/201422.09.2014Relieving order of Smt. Ajit Kaur, P.S.
Office Order No.62/201415.09.2014Work allocation in DGFT Hqrs.
Office Order No.61/201415.09.2014Work allocation in DGFT Hqrs.
Office Order No.60/201409.09.2014Posting of FTDO (non-CSS)
Office Order(NG) No.47/201408.09.2014Transfer order of Shri K.S. Chaddha, UDC.
Office Order No.59/201405.09.2014Office Order for assuming charge of Shri Gagandeep Singh, ITS.
Office Order No.58/201405.09.2014Shri B.P. Bunker, JDGFT, Mumbai will attend the work of Head of Office Zonal ADG Mumbai during training period of Dr. Kavita Gupta, Zonal ADG, Mumbai
Office Order No.57/201403.09.2014Transfer order of Shri Raj Kamal, ITS
Office Order No.56/201403.09.2014Shri Raj Kamal, ITS has assumed charge of Jt.DGFT in the O/o DGFT.
Office Order No.55/201429.08.2014Transfer / Posting of ITS.
Office Order No.54/201429.08.2014Transfer / posting ITS officers.
Office Order(NG) No.42/201425.08.2014Transfer/Posting order of PA/PS
Office Order(NG) No.41/201422.08.2014Transfer order of Sh. Rajpal, UDC
Office Order No.53/201420.08.2014Addition charge to Shri S.K. Kala, FTDO.
Office Order(NG) No.40/201414.08.2014Posting order of Sh. Sunil Kumar, Steno Gr. D
Office Order No.52/201407.08.2014Revised work allocation in DGFT Hqrs.
Office Order No.51/201407.08.2014Shri D.L. Meena, ISS has assumed charge of the post of Statistical Advisor w.e.f. 1.8.2014
Office Order No.50/201431.07.2014Relieving order of Shri G.A. Reddy, DDGFT.
Office Order No.49/201428.07.2014Joining order of Shri J.M. Gupta, ITS
Office Order No.48/201421.07.2014Shri Hardeep Singh (ITS) appointed as Private Secretary to the Minister for Food Processing Industries.
Office Order No.47/201418.07.2014Shri B.P. Bunker, JDGFT, Mumbai will attend the work of Head of Office Zonal ADG Mumbai during leave period of Dr. Kavita Gupta, Zonal ADG, Mumbai
Office Order No.46/201418.07.2014Shri Banshi Dhar Pawar, FTDO willhold additional charge of DDO during training of DDO.
Office Order No.45/201415.07.2014Order for assuming charge of post of Jt.DGFT by Shri Rajiv Arora, ITS in DGFT.
Office Order(NG) No.31/201414.07.2014Transfer Order of Sh. Rajpal, UDC
Office Order No.44/201409.07.2014Transfer order of ITS.
Office Order No.43/201409.07.2014Relieving order of Shri V. Sripathi, FTDO(S.O., CSS).
Office Order No.42/201403.07.2014Transfer order.
Office Order No.41/201402.07.2014Shri Arunoday Goswami, DS (Adhoc) CSS, has assumed charge of the post of JDGFT.
Office Order No.40/201411.06.2014Revised work allocation in DGFT Hqrs.
Office Order No.39/201426.05.2014work allocation of three ITC Officers from 26.5.2014 to 13.6.2014
Officer Order23.05.2014Two weeks "Mid Career Training" at IIFT from 26.05.2014 to 07.06.2014
Office Order No.38/201421.05.2014Revised work allocation in DGFT Hqrs.
Office Order No.37/201413.05.2014Office order in respect of Smt. Varsha Sinha, Jt.DGFT.
Office Order(NG) No.23/201409.05.2014Transfer/posting of non-gazetted officers.
Office Order No.36/201409.05.2014Relieving Order of Shri Zothan Khuma, ITS.
Office Order No.35/201408.05.2014Office Order in respect of Shri Zothan Khuma, ITS.
Office Order No.34/201408.05.2014Sh. Sanjeev Nandwani, DC, Falta shall hold the additional charge of Addl.DGFT, Kolkata.
Office Order(NG) No.22/201407.05.2014Transfer/posting of non-gazetted officers.
Office Order No.33/201428.04.2014Shri B.P. Bunker,Jt.DGFT will attend the work of Zonal DGFT, Mumbai during the lear period of De. Kavita Gupta, Additional DGFT, Mumbai.
Office Order No.32/201424.04.2014Shri Rajbir Sharma, Jt.DGFt has sanctioned one day joining time.
Office Order No.31/201415.04.2014Ms. Dona Ghosh, ITS, has assumed charge of the post of DDGFT in DGFT
Office Order No.30/201411.04.2014Nomination of Shri Munish Kumar, DDGFT for Level `D` training Programme at ISTM
Office Order No.29/201403.04.2014Grant of Non Functional Selection Grade to ITS officers.
Office Order No.28/201402.04.2014Extension of tenure of Shri Zothan Khuma ITS.
Office Order No.27/201402.04.2014Sh. Vijay Rajmohan has assumed charge of Jt.DGFT w.e.f. 7.3.2014
Office Order No.26/201431.03.2014Transfer/Posting of FTDO & DDG
Office Order No.25/201431.03.2014Sh. R.S. Kunwar has assumed charge of the post of Dy.DGFT
Office Memorandum 201431.03.2014Constitution of Committee for transfer / posting of ITS and transfer guidelines
Office Order No.24/201427.03.2014Work allocation to Shri Rajbir Sharma, Jt.DGFT
Office Order No.22/201421.03.2014Shri Nirmal Das, FTDO has assumed their charge.
Office Order No.23/201420.03.2014Sh. Madhusudan Prasad, IAS (HY:81), Addl. Sec. has assumed charge of DGFT.
Office Order No.20/201407.03.2014Transfer/Posting of FTDO
Office Order No.19/201407.03.2014Transfer / Posting of ITS officers.
Office Order No.18/201407.03.2014Transfer/Posting of ITS Officers
Office Memorandum/201405.03.2014Draft Civil List of ITS.
Office Order(NG) No.11/201403.03.2014Transfer/posting of non-gazzette officers.
Office Order No.17/201426.02.2014Relieving order of FTDOs.
Office Order No.16/201418.02.2014Relieving order of Shri Sunil Madan, Dy.DGFT.
Office Order No.15/201410.02.2014Shri Ram Dev, S.O. (adhoc) CSS, has asumed charge of FTDO, in DGFT Hqrs. from 23rd January, 2014.
Office Order No.14/201407.02.2014Shri Ashok Chander Bhatt, has assumed charge of FTDO.
Office Order No.13/201407.02.2014Shri R.K. Katiyar, FTDO has assumed their charge.
Office Order(NG) No.07/201406.02.2014Transfer/posting of non-gazzette officers.
Office Order No.12/201404.02.2014Additional charge to Shri Banshi Dhar Pawar, FTDO.
Office Order No.11/201431.01.2014Work allocation in DGFT(HQ)
Office Order No.10/201427.01.2014Additional charge to Shri Banshi Dhar Pawar, FTDO.
Office Order No.09/201423.01.2014Shri K.C. Raju, DDG shall draw his salary from DGFT with effect from 1st January, 2014.
Office Order No.04-NG/201423.01.2014Posting order of Smt. Praveen Bala Chopra, PA.
Office Order No.08/201409.01.2014Transfer/posting of Dy.DGFT.
Office Order Corrigendum No.08/201409.01.2014Corrigendum to Office Order No.08/2014
Office Order(NG) No.02/201406.01.2014Transfer/posting of non-gazetted officers.
Office Order No.06/201406.01.2014Additional charge to Shri Bansidhar Pawar, FTDO
Office Order No.05/201402.01.2014Posting of FTDO.
Office Order No.04/201402.01.2014Additional charge to Shri S.K. Mohapatra, DDG.
Office Order No.03/201402.01.2014Shri B.P. Bunker, JDGFT will attend to the work of Head of Office in Zonal office Mumbai during the training period of Dr. Kavita Guplat, ADG.
Office Order No.01-NG/201402.01.2014Transfer order of Shri Vinod Kumar, SA & Smt. Sunita Sharma, UDC.
Office Order No.02/201401.01.2014Revised work allocation in DGFT(Hqrs).
Office Order No.01/201401.01.2014Appointment of Shri Devender Singh, ITS.
OfficeOrder No.146/201331.12.2013Transfer / Posting of FTDOs (Non CSS)
OfficeOrder No.145/201331.12.2013Continuation of Shri S.K. Tyagi, AD(OL) (Retired)
OfficeOrder No.144/201330.12.2013Relieving of Shri D.V.S.P. Verma, Dy. DGFT
OfficeOrder No.143/201327.12.2013Postings / Transfers of Jt.DGFT in DGFT(Hqrs)
OfficeOrder No.142/201327.12.2013Supersession of Office Order No. 139 dated 26.12.2013
OfficeOrder No.141/201327.12.2013Relieving Order of FTDOs
OfficeOrder No.140/201327.12.2013Charge assumption of Shri Darshan Singh, Jt.DGFT
OfficeOrder No.139/201326.12.2013work allocation in DGFT (Hqrs)
OfficeOrder No.138/201324.12.2013Relieving of Smt. Jean G.V. Zingkhai, Dy. DGFT
OfficeOrder No.92-HRD-II/201320.12.2013Posting Order of Ms. Priyanka Kapoor, Assistant
OfficeOrder No.90-HRD-II/201320.12.2013Transfer order of Sh. K.S. Chadha, UDC
OfficeOrder No.137/201319.12.2013Technical Resignation of Shri Abhishek Deval
OfficeOrder No.136/201318.12.2013Transfer Order of Shri Rama Nand Meena
OfficeOrder No.135/201318.12.2013Transfer/posting of Section Head.
OfficeOrder No.134/201318.12.2013Appointment of ITS.
OfficeOrder No.133/201318.12.2013Transfer/posting of ITS officers.
OfficeOrder No.132/201317.12.2013Additional charge to Shri R.P. Goyal, Jt.DGFT, CLA during the leave of Shri Sumeet Jerath, ADG.
Office Memorandum 11/201317.12.2013Draft Seniority Lists of Additional Director General of Foreign Trade of Indian Trade Service for the and as on 1.1.2013 and 1.1.2014 for the years 2013 and 2014 respectively
OfficeOrder No.131/201316.12.2013Relieving Order of Shri Kripa Shankar Meena
OfficeOrder No.130/201316.12.2013Transfer/posting of ITS Officers
OfficeOrder No.129/201316.12.2013Posting Order of Shri Shambhu Sharan Sinha, Research Officer
OfficeOrder No.87-HRD-II/201311.12.2013Transfer order of Shri Prem Nath, Assitant.
OfficeOrder No.128/201310.12.2013Transfer Order.
OfficeOrder No.127/201309.12.2013Additional charge to Shri Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Jt.DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.126/201309.12.2013Posting order of Shri Naresh Kumar Sharma, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.125/201302.12.2013Promotion / posting order of Shri A.K. Choudhary, JDGFT.
OfficeOrder No.124/201325.11.2013Posting order of S.P. Roy, Jt.DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.123/201319.11.2013Appointment of Research Officer in DGFT
OfficeOrder No.122/201313.11.2013Promotion and transfer of FTDO non CSS.
OfficeOrder No.121/201311.11.2013Additional charge of DDO.
OfficeOrder No.120/201311.11.2013Transfer/posting of ITS officer
OfficeOrder No.119/201301.11.2013Additional work to Shri S.K. Mohapatra, DDG.
OfficeOrder No.118/201301.11.2013Order for assuming charge by Shri Shashi Sharma, Asstt. Director (ISS)
OfficeOrder No.117/201331.10.2013Posting /transfers of DDGs in DGFT Hqrs.
OfficeOrder No.116/201330.10.2013Extention of tenure of Shri D.P. Mohapatra (ITS).
OfficeOrder No.115/201325.10.2013Transfer / Posting of FTDOs in DGFT Hqrs.
OfficeOrder No.80-HRD-II/201324.10.2013Posting order of Non - Gazetted officials.
OfficeOrder No.114/201324.10.2013Transfer of FTDOs non-CSS.
OfficeOrder No.113/201324.10.2013Promotion of Section Heads.
OfficeOrder No.112/201324.10.2013Shri Vijay Rajmohan, JDG has been assigned charge of First Appellate Authority of ECA-2.
OfficeOrder No.111/201322.10.2013Shri Vijay Rajmohan, JDGFT has appointed First Appellate Authority of PC 2 (A&B)
OfficeOrder No.110/201322.10.2013Additional Charge to Shri Mahendra Vikram Singh, FTDO
OfficeOrder No.109/201322.10.2013Order of Shri R. Rajakannu, US, CSS has been taken on the strength of DGFT w.e.f. 30.4.2013
OfficeOrder No.108/201318.10.2013Order of Section officers of CSS who have taken charge of FTDO in the DGFT Hqrs.
OfficeOrder No.107/201311.10.2013Shri K.C. Raju, Dy. DGFT will be the Link Officerto Shri Rajesh malhotra, Dy.DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.106/201304.10.2013Order for entitlement of TA/DA for ITS probationers.
OfficeOrder No.105/201304.10.2013Posting of Shri K.C. Raju, DDGFT.
OfficeOrder No.104/201303.10.2013Additional charge to Shri Priya Ranjan, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.103/201330.09.2013Relieving order of Shri G. Parthasarthi, Jt.DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.102/201325.09.2013Assuming charge of PS by Smt.Ajit Kaur in DGFT Hqrs.
OfficeOrder No.101/201316.09.2013Posting of ITS Probationers of CSE 2010 and 2011 batches.
OfficeOrder No.99/201313.09.2013Revised work allocation of officers in DGFT Hqrs.
OfficeOrder No.100/201313.09.2013Posting of ITS Probationers of CSE 2010 and 2011 batches.
OfficeOrder No.98/201312.09.2013Assuming charge of FTDOs in DGFT Hqrs.
OfficeOrder No.97/201309.09.2013Relieving order of Shri R. Selvam, IAS.
OfficeOrder No.96/201309.09.2013Relieving order of Smt. Sunita Sajwan, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.95/201306.09.2013Transfer order of Shri G. Saravanan, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.94/201306.09.2013Appointment to the post of Research Office in the Pay Scale.
OfficeOrder No.93/201304.09.2013Vigilance clearance of Smt. Lalita Maini and Ms. Suraksha Sharma, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.92/201303.09.2013Appointment order of Ms Pinky Kapoor, Statistical Assistant working in Planning Department Govt. of NCT. Delhi as a Research Officer
OfficeOrder No.91/201303.09.2013Appointment order of Shri Jagdish Chander, Asstt. (Adhoc) as Research Officer.
OfficeOrder No.90/201303.09.2013Revised work alloction in DGFT (Hqrs)
OfficeOrder No.89/201302.09.2013Relieving order of Shri Venkat Raja, ITS.
OfficeOrder No.88/201329.08.2013Shri G. Sarvanan, FTDO will hold the charge of DES-III till further order.
OfficeOrder No.87/201327.08.2013Promotion of Shri Abhimaniu Sharma, Asstt. DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.86/201327.08.2013Confirmation of ITS (Probationer).
OfficeOrder No.85/201326.08.2013Order for release payment in respect of Shri Suresh Rana, Asstt. Director, ISS.
OfficeOrder No.84/201326.08.2013Relieving order of Smt. Sureksha Sharms and Smt. Lalita Chawla Maini, FTDO.
OfficeOrder No.83/201326.08.2013Order to release payment in respect of Shri Suresh Rana, Asstt. Director (ISS).
OfficeOrder No.82/201326.08.2013Transfer Order of Shri Haradhan Das, FTDO
OfficeOrder No.81/201323.08.2013Relieving order of Shri Kamlesh Kumar, FTDO
OfficeOrder No.80/201322.08.2013Upgradation of Shri Jai Karan Singh,ITS.
OfficeOrder No.79/201321.08.2013Transfer posting ITS officer.
OfficeOrder No.78/201321.08.2013Promotion Order of Shri Jaikant Singh, ITS, as Addl.DGFT (Senior Administrative Grade).
OfficeOrder No.77/201321.08.2013Addl. charge to Shri S.K. Panigrahi, Economic Officer.
OfficeOrder No.76/201316.08.2013During the training period of Shri Sumeet Jerath, Addl. DGFT, CLA New Delhi from 16.9.2013 to 18.10.2013, Shri A.K. Choudhary, Jt.DGFT,CLA New Delhi will attend to the work of Head of Office.
OfficeOrder No.75/201312.08.2013Shri B.P. Bunker, Jt. DGFT will attend to the of Head of Office in Zonal Office Mumbai during the leave of Dr. Kavita Gupta, Addl.DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.74/201312.08.2013Relieving fo Shri Anil Kumar Banba, DC & Zonal Jt.DGFT, Chennai.
OfficeOrder No.73/201330.07.2013Appointment of Shri Suresh Rana as Asstt. Director (ISS).
Office Memorandum 10/201329.07.2013Draft Civil List of Indian Trade Service Officers for the year 2013 on 1.7.2013.
OfficeOrder No.72/201326.07.2013Promotion of ITS (Asstt. DGFTs)
OfficeOrder No.71/201326.07.2013confirmation of Asstt. DGFTs (ITS).
Office Memorandum 09/201324.07.2013A list of retiring officer`s upto 31st, March, 2014
Office Memorandum 08/201319.07.2013A list of retiring officer`s upto 31st, March, 2014
OfficeOrder No.70/201317.07.2013Upgradation of Pay Band of Shri Jay Karan Singh, ITS.
OfficeOrder No.69/201315.07.2013Work allocation during leave of Shri Vijay Rankohan, Joint DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.68/201310.07.2013Shri Munish Kumar, US has assumed charge of DDGFT in o/o DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.67/201310.07.2013Revised work allocation in DGFT Hqrs.
OfficeOrder No.66/201309.07.2013Relieving order of Economic Officers.
OfficeOrder No.65/201304.07.2013Assuming charge by Smt. Rajnesh Jain, Director (ISS).
OfficeOrder No.64/201304.07.2013Transfer/posting of ITS officer.
Office Memorandum 02-07/201302.07.2013Voluntary retirement from Govt. Service in respect of Shri Sanjay Lunia, ITS.
OfficeOrder No.63/201326.06.2013MACP to officers in the O/o DGFT
OfficeOrder No.62/201319.06.2013Relieving order of Shri Ajay Mishra, Statistical Advisor.
OfficeOrder No.61/201318.06.2013Additional charge to Shri R. Muthuraj, Jt. DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.60/201311.06.2013Additional Charge of General Section to Shri Prakash Chand, FTDO
OfficeOrder No.59/201306.06.2013Pomotion Order of Smt. T.Bhuvaneswary, Jr.Hindi Translator
OfficeOrder No.58/201306.06.2013Refusal of promotion by Smt. P. Savitha,Junior Hindi Translator
OfficeOrder No.57/201306.06.2013Transfer/posting order of ITS officer.
OfficeOrder No.56/201305.06.2013Shri D.V.S.P. Varma has assumed the charge of DDGFT in the O/o DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.55/201305.06.2013Ms. Sugandha Srivastava Assistant Direct (Trainee) ISS is taken on the strength of DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.54/201304.06.2013Retaining order of Shri Subhash R. ITS.
OfficeOrder No.53/201303.06.2013Revised work allocation in DGFT Hqrs.
OfficeOrder No.52/201331.05.2013Transfer Order of Shri B.P. Bunker, Joint DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.51/201331.05.2013Relieveing order of Shri Krishan Kumar, DDG.
OfficeOrder No.50/201331.05.2013Appoint order of Shri R. Selvam, IAS.
OfficeOrder No.49/201324.05.2013Transfer/Posting of ITS Officers.
OfficeOrder No.48/201320.05.2013Additional Charge To Shri D.K.Singh,Addl. DGFT
Office Memorandum 03/201320.05.2013Final SeniorityList of Joint Director General of Foreign Trade (Grade-I) of ITS for the year 2013 as on 1.1.2013-regarding
OfficeOrder No.47/201317.05.2013Posting Order of Shri A.S. Kanase
OfficeOrder No.46/201314.05.2013Order for grant of non functional up-gradation to ITS officers.
OfficeOrder No.45/201313.05.2013Confirmation order of ITS Officers.
OfficeOrder No.44/201309.05.2013Shri Daya Shankar, DDG will look after the work of Shri Tika Ram Majhi, DDG during his training period.
Office Memorandum 02/201330.04.2013Seniority List of Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, ITS for the year 2013.
OfficeOrder No.43/201329.04.2013Transfer/posting order in DGFT HQ
OfficeOrder No.42/201329.04.2013Appointment Order of Dr. Rendla Sampath Kumar
Office Memorandum 201329.04.2013Seniority List of FTDOs non-CSS
OfficeOrder No.41/201318.04.2013Transfer of FTDOs
OfficeOrder No.40/201316.04.2013Shri P.K. Banerjee, Under Secretary has assumed the charge of the post of Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade in the O/o DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.39/201312.04.2013Promotion order of Section Head at RAs.
OfficeOrder No.38/201303.04.2013Posting order of DDGFTs.
OfficeOrder No.37/201303.04.2013Promotion order of Smt P. Savitha,Junior Hindi Translator.
OfficeOrder No.36/201301.04.2013Relieving order of Shri A.K. Sinha, Dy. DGFT.
OfficeOrder No.14NG/201421.01.2013Transfer order