Office Order No.35/HRD-I31.03.2016Relieving order of Sh. Ram Dev, FTDO.
Office Order No.34/HRD-I30.03.2016Sh. Rajbir Singh, DDG is assigned the additional charge of Policy-2.
Office Order No.33/HRD-I30.03.2016Posting order of Smt. Nita R. Nair, Section Officer of the CSS.
Office Order No.17/2016/HRD-II28.03.2016Posting/Transfer order
Office Order No.31/HRD-I22.03.2016Shri A.S Lungreishang, FTDO will look after the work of Statistical Division in DGFT(HQ), in Additon to his existing duties
Office Order No.20/Corr.-II/HRD-I22.03.2016Work allocation in DGFT(HQ)
Office Order No.15/HRD-II22.03.2016Posting of Sh. Ram Kumar Sharma, PPS
Office Order No.30/HRD-I21.03.2016Sh. Nalawade Pravin Suresh is appointed as Asst. DGFT (Probationer) w.e.f 21.03.2016(FN).
Office Order No.29/HRD-I18.03.2016Posting/Transfer order
Office Order No.28/HRD-I16.03.2016Sh. Lokesh H.D, ITS has assumed charge of the post DDG in DGFT w.e.f 14.03.2016(FN).
Office Order No.26/HRD-I15.03.2016Confirmation of Asst. DGFT(Probationers) in ITS.
Office Order No.25/HRD-I15.03.2016Relieving order of Sh. Priya Ranjan, FTDO, DGFT(HQ).
Office Order No.20/Corr./HRD-I11.03.2016Work allocation in DGFT(HQ)
Office Order No.24/2016/HRD-I10.03.2016Re-allocation of posts in respect of all grades of ITS in various Ministries/Departments/Offices.
Office Order No.23/2016/HRD-I08.03.2016Work Allocation in DGFT(HQ).
Office Order No.22/2016/HRD-I07.03.2016Shri R.Muthuraj, Joint DGFT will attend to the work of Head of Office in RA, Bangalore in Additon to his existing charge
Office Order No.21/2016/HRD-I 07.03.2016Assignement of work in Zonal office & RA during 2 week mid-career training programme at IIM, Ahmedabad.
Office Order No.20/2015/HRD-I03.03.2016Work Allocation in DGFT(HQ) along with the list of Link Officers.
Office Order No.19/2016/HRD-I29.02.2016Posting/Transfer order
Office Order No.18/2016/HRD-I24.02.2016Posting/Transfer order
Office Order No.17/2016/HRD-I 23.02.2016Shri Satish Kumar, Joint DGFT will attend to the work of Head of Office in Zonal Office CLA, New Delhi in Additon to his existing charge
Office Order No.13/2016/HRD-II23.02.2016Posting of Sh. Darshna Kalra, PA
Office Order No.16/2016/HRD-I 19.02.2016Sh. Baljit Singh, DDG is assigned the additional charge of DES-2(NC-2).
Office Order No.15/2016/HRD-I 19.02.2016Sh. Sudhir Kumar Sharma, FTDO is transferred from RA, Panipat to Zonal Office CLA, New Delhi.
Office Order No.14/2016/HRD-I 18.02.2016Sh. Akash Taneja, Jt. DGFT is assigned the charge of PC-4 in addition to his existing work.
Office Order No.13/2016/HRD-I 18.02.2016Arrangement in respect of Link Officers in the grades of Addt. DGFT, Jt. DGFT and DDG.
Office Order No.12/2016/HRD-II18.02.2016Sh. R.K Pathak, UDC is allowed to work in R&I Section till Ms. Meenakshi Sharma, ASO resumes duty.
Office Order No.11/2016/HRD-II17.02.2016Posting of Sh. Mahinder Srivastava, PS
Office Order No.-26/3326/HRD-III17.02.2016MACP to MTS in DGFT.
Office Order No.11/2016/HRD-I16.02.2016Sh. D.L Meena, Statistical Adviser will look after the work of Parliament Section, in addition to his existing duties.
Office Order No.10/2016/HRD-II15.02.2016Posting/Transfer order
Office Order No.10/2016/HRD-I15.02.2016Work Allocation in DGFT Headquarters
Office Order No.9/2016/HRD-I12.02.2016Relieving order of Sh. Harit Kumar Shakya. FTDO
Office Order No.8/2016/HRD-I11.02.2016Work allocation in the grade of FTDO in DGFT (Hq).
Office Order No.7/2016/HRD-I11.02.2016Posting Order
Office Order No.9/2016/HRD-II08.02.2016Posting Order
Office Order No.7/2016/HRD-II22.01.2016Posting Order of Smt. Vaiphei Nemthiannagak as Assistant Section Office in Policy-1
Office Order No.5/2016/HRD-II22.01.2016Pay Fixation of UDCs of CSCS Cadre posted in DGFT
Office Order No.4/2016/HRD-I22.01.2016Transfer /Posting of ITS Officers
Office Order No.3/2016/HRD-I18.01.2016Sh. G.P Sai Krishna Prasad, Asst. DGFT(Probationer) will work in the DoC but will remain in the strenght of the DGFT.
Office Order No.3/HRD-II08.01.2016Posting/Transfer order
Office Order No.2/HRD-II08.01.2016Posting/Transfer order
Office Order No.02/2016/HRD-I06.01.2016Posting Order
Office Order No.115/HRD-I31.12.2015Posting/Transfer order
Office Order No.114/HRD-I28.12.2015Sh. R.P Goel, JDG Mumbai is assigned the charge of HOD Zonal Office, CLA, New Delhi.
Office Order No.113/HRD-I28.12.2015Relieving order of Dr. Sumeet Jerath, IAS
Office Order No.112/HRD-I23.12.2015Technical resignation of Sh. Hakay Akshay Machhindra, ITS
Office Order No.111/HRD-I21.12.2015Promotion of Smt. Meena Nandwani, ISS
Office Order No.110/HRD-I15.12.2015Posting order
Office Order No.109/HRD-I09.12.2015Extension of additional charge of Sh. S. Seetharam Reddy, ITS
Office Order No.108/HRD-I07.12.2015Relieving order of Sh. G.P Sai Krishna Prasad, ITS
Office Order No.107/HRD-I30.11.2015Work Allocation in DGFT Headquarters
Office Order No.106/HRD-I30.11.2015Posting order
Office Order No.105/HRD-I24.11.2015Sh.M.S Dhillon, JDG, RA, Ludhiana will look after the work related to RA, Chandigarh in addition to existing work.
Office Order No.104/HRD-I18.11.2015Transfer order of Sh. Chaman Lal, FTDO
Office Order No.103/HRD-I12.11.2015Work allocation of Sh. Anil Aggarwal, Joint DGFT in DGFT(HQ).
Office Order No.102/HRD-I12.11.2015Relieving order of Sh. Anil Aggarwal, ITS
Office Order No.101/HRD-I03.11.2015Additional work allocation to Shri B.C Boro, Dy. DGFT, RA, Shillong in addition to existing work
Office Order No.100/HRD-I02.11.2015Sh. R.P Goyal, JDG CLA, New Delhi will hold additional charge of HOD Zonal Office, CLA, New Delhi.
Office Order No.99/HRD-I29.10.2015Transfer order of Sh. Anil Aggarwal, ITS
Office Order No.98/HRD-I29.10.2015Work allocation of Sh. Darshan Singh, Addt. DGFT in DGFT(HQ).
Office Order No.97/HRD-I29.10.2015Relieving order of Smt. Thresia Mathew, FTDO
Office Order No.96/HRD-I27.10.2015Extension the tenure of Sh. D.P Mohapatra, ITS
Office Order No.95/HRD-I27.10.2015Relieving order of Sh. Pramod Kumar, FTDO
Office Order No.94/HRD-I26.10.2015Sh. Darshan Singh, JDGFT has taken the charge of Addt. DGFT in DGFT Hq.
Office Order No.45/2015/HRD-III26.10.2015Posting/Transfer order
Office Order No.93/HRD-I21.10.2015Posting order
Office Order No.92/HRD-I21.10.2015Relieving order of Dr. L.B Singhal (ITS)
Office Order No.91/HRD-I21.10.2015Sh. Darshan Singh promoted to Addt. DGFT
Office Order No.90/HRD-I20.10.2015Smt. S.Sudha, US has assumed charge of the post of DDG in DGFT Hq.
Office Order No.89/HRD-I15.10.2015Relieving order
Office Order No.88/HRD-I14.10.2015Transfers/Postings order
Office Order No.87/HRD-I13.10.2015Postings order on promotion
Office Order No.86/HRD-I07.10.2015Sh. B.P Bunkar, JDG Mumbai is assigned the charge of HOD Zonal Office, Mumbai.
Office Order No.85/HRD-I07.10.2015Relieving of Dr. Kavita Gupta, Addt. DGFT
Office Order No.84/HRD-I05.10.2015Postings order
Office Order No.16/2015/HRD-III30.09.2015Granting of MACP
Office Order No.15/2015/HRD-III30.09.2015Granting of MACP
Office Order No.83/HRD-I17.09.2015Additional work allocation to Smt. Chitra Sharma, Dy. DGFT in addition to existing work
Office Order No.82/HRD-I16.09.2015Postings order
Office Order No.81/HRD-I16.09.2015Posting of ITS Probationers in DGFT (HQ.)
Office Order No.79/HRD-I09.09.2015Cancellation of Transfer/Posting.
Office Order No.78/HRD-I07.09.2015Relieving of Sh. Anil Kumar Garg, Statistical Officer
Office Order No.77/HRD-I07.09.2015Posting of ITS Probationers of CSE 2012 & 2013 batches
Office Order No.76/HRD-I07.09.2015Work Allocation in DGFT Headquarters
Office Order No.75/HRD-I04.09.2015Work Allocation in DGFT Headquarters
Office Order No.74/HRD-I04.09.2015Transers/Postings order
Office Order No.73/HRD-I02.09.2015Acceptance of technical resignation of Ms. Seema Pujani, ITS
Office Order No.72/HRD-I02.09.2015Acceptance of technical resignation of Sh. Madhukar Anand, ITS
Office Order No.71/HRD-I31.08.2015Transfer / posting under Rotational Transfer Policy of DoPT
Office Order No.69/HRD-I21.08.2015Promotion of Dr. Rendlea Sampath Kumar and Sh. P. Saibabu
Office Order No.68/HRD-I12.08.2015Confirmation of Dr. Rendla Sampath Kumar, Assistant DGFT in the Grade - III of ITS
Office Order No.67/HRD-I12.08.2015Appointment of Deputy DGFT (CSS) in DGFT Headquarter
Office Order No.65/HRD-I11.08.2015Shri G.S. Reddy Joint DGFT will lookafter the work of Vijayawada and Hyderabad for a further perod of three months
Office Order No.64/HRD-I06.08.2015Additional work allocation to Shri Sheikhomang Kipgen, Dy. DGFT in addition to existing work
Office Order No.63/HRD-I04.08.2015Voluntary retirement of Smt Alka Bhatia, ITS
Office Order No.62/HRD-I03.08.2015Posting of FTDO on promotion to the post of Assistant DGFT
Office Order No.61/HRD-I31.07.2015Transers/Postings order
Office Order No.60/HRD-I29.07.2015The work of DGCI&S Section in DGFT(HQ) is re-allocated to Sh. Yoginder Singh, DDG-reg.
Office Order No.59/HRD-I21.07.2015Relieving of Sh. Manoj Kumar, DDG.
Office Order No.58/HRD-I16.07.2015Work Re-allocation
Office Order No.57/HRD-I13.07.2015Work Allocation in DGFT Headquarters
Office Order No.56/HRD-I13.07.2015Joining regarding Sh. Kumar Rahul, ITS on 06.07.2015(FN).
Office Order No.55/HRD-I08.07.2015Joining regarding Dr. S.K Bansal, Jt. DGFT on 06.05.2015(FN).
Office Order No.54/HRD-I08.07.2015Sh. B.P Bunkar, JDG Mumbai will hold additional charge of HOD Zonal Office, Mumbai.
Office Order No.53/HRD-I02.07.2015Dr. L. B. SInghal, Development Commissioner, Noida SEZ will hold additional charge of the post of Addl. DGFT(in HQ)
Office Order No.51/HRD-I02.07.2015Releaving of Dr. L. B. Singhal, Addl.DGFT to Join to his new Assignment
Office Order No.50/HRD-I02.07.2015Allocation of work in DGFT (HQ)
Office Order No.49/HRD-I01.07.2015Shri J.V.Patil, Joint DGFT, Chennai, will attend to the work of Head of Office in RA, Bangalore
Office Order No.47/HRD-I23.06.2015Transfer and posting of Dy.DGFT
Office Order No.45/2015/HRD-I22.06.2015Posting of Smt. Rajnesh Jain as Director (Statistics) in DGFT(Hq)-reg.
Office Order No.44/2015/HRD-I17.06.2015Financial upgradation of Shr. P.K Ghosh, ITS
Office Order No.43/2015/HRD-I17.06.2015Discharge of additional charge of RA, Panipat assigned to Shri Rajbir Sharma, Jt.DG
Office Order No.42/2015/HRD-I17.06.2015Promotion of Asstt.DGFT to Dy.DGFT
Office Order No. 23/2015/HRD-II16.06.2015Posting of Ms.Simran Sharma, PA in addition to her existing posting
Office Order No. 41/2015/HRD-I15.06.2015Work allocation in DGFT (HQ)
Office Order No.22/2015/HRD-II02.06.2015Smt. Parveen Bala Chopra, PA to look after the work of personal section of Addl. DG(LBS)
Office Order No.39/2015/HRD-I29.05.2015Additional Charge of Sh. J.V Patil, JDG, Chennai
Office Order No.38/2015/HRD-I27.05.2015Posting of Smt. Ajit Kaur, PS in DGFT (HQ)
Office Order No.37/2015/HRD-I26.05.2015Posting of Dr. Sunil Kumar Bansal, ITS in DGFT(HQ)
Office Order (NG)No.20/201526.05.2015Transfer/Posting in DGFT Headquarters.
Office Order No.36/201525.05.2015Transfer of Shri P.K. Banerjee, US.
Office Order No.35/201521.05.2015Transfer and Posting of FTDO
Office Order No.34/201521.05.2015Regular Promotion of FTDO
Office Order No.33/201529.04.2015Leave of Dr Kavita Gupta Add. DG
Office Order No.32/201528.04.2015Promotion order of Smt. Pratima Dikshit, ITS.
Office Order No.28/201527.04.2015Posting order.
Office Order No.27/201527.04.2015Promotion of Shri Surendra Mahto, Asstt. CSS.
Office Order No.30/201520.04.2015Transfer Order.
Office Order No.29/201520.04.2015Transfer order.