Office Order No.22/2018/HRD-I28.03.2018Offices of DGFT will remain functional during 29th, 30th and 31st March, 2018
Office order No.13/2018/HRD-II21.03.2018Transfer / Posting in DGFT (Hqrs.)
Office Order No. 21/2018 HRD-I19.03.2018Level 11 of the Pay Matrix of Dr. Rahul Singh, Assist. DGFT
Office order No.12/2018/HRD-II14.03.2018Transfer / Posting in DGFT (Hqrs.)
Office order No.6/2018/HRD-II06.02.2018Transfer / Posting in DGFT(Hqrs)
Office Order No.7/2018/HRD-II05.02.2018Transfer/ Posting in DGFT(Hqrs)
Office Order No. 13/2018 HRD-I31.01.2018Revised allocation of Work
Office Order No. 12/2018 HRD-I31.01.2018Transfer and posting
Office Order No. 11/2018 HRD-I25.01.2018Work Allocation in DGFT (HQrs)
Office Order No.10/201824.01.2018Non -Functional Up-gradation granted to Shri A.K.Choudhary, Addl.DGFT
Office Order No.02/HRD-II19.01.2018Posting of PPS
Office Order No.09/2018/HRD-I17.01.2018Transfer of Dr. Sukhbir Singh Badhal, Dy. DGFT.
Office Order No.06/2018/HRD-I08.01.20181998 Batch of the ITS are Non-Functional Upgradation (NFU) to LEVEL-14 of the Pay Matrix.
Office Order No.05/2018/HRD-I05.01.2018Posting of Shri Chandrakanth Reddy Mallu, Asstt.DGFT (Probationer)
Office Order No.03/2018/HRD-I02.01.2018Posting of ITS Probationers of CSE 2014/2015 batches.
Office Order No.02/2018/HRD-I02.01.2018Apponitment of ITS
Office Order No.01/HRD-II02.01.2018Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.01/2018/HRD-I01.01.20181986 Batch of the ITS are Non-Functional Upgradation (NFU) to LEVEL-15 of the Pay Matrix.
Office Order No.45/HRD-II27.12.2017Office Order No.41 & 43 dt. 8.12.2017 of the officials are taken on the strength of DGFT.
Office Order No.145/HRD-I22.12.2017R.A., Ahmedabad is temporarily designated as a Dy.DGFT headed office.
Office Order No.43/HRD-II18.12.2017Ms. Madhu Chadha, PA has been taken on the roll of DGFT
Office Order No.135/HRD-I13.12.2017Shri S.K. Samal, Addl.DGFT is taken on the strength of this Directorate.
Office Order No.134/HRD-I13.12.2017Relieving order of Shri Jaikant Singh (ITS), Addl. DGFT
Office Order No.133/HRD-I12.12.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.41/HRD-II08.12.2017Six Senior Secretariat Assistants are taken on the strength of this Directorate.
Office Order No.129/HRD-I07.12.2017Transfer / Posting of FTDO ( Non CSS)
Office Order No.40/HRD-II04.12.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.125/HRD-I29.11.2017Office will remain open on 2 & 3 .12.2017 for the preparation of Mid-Term Review FTP
Office Order No.124/HRD-I23.11.2017Sh. Ranjit Kumar Roy, FTDO is assigned additional charge of Policy-3
Office Order No.123/HRD-I22.11.2017Shri Dilip Kumar has asssumed charge of the post of Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade
Office Order No.122/HRD-I21.11.2017Shri N.P.S. Monga, Addl.DGFT is taken on the strength of this Directorate.
Office Order No.119/HRD-I21.11.2017Relieving order of Shri Ajay Kumar Srivastava
Office Order No.118/HRD-I16.11.2017Promotion and Transfer at SAG Level
Office Order No.35/HRD-II09.11.2017Trasfer / Posting
Office Order No.34/HRD-II09.11.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.112/HRD-I09.11.2017Shri A.K. Brahma, FTDO is transferred from Patna to Guwahati.
Office Order No.33/HRD-II06.11.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.109/HRD-I06.11.2017Posting of Shri Raj Kumar, DDG in DGFT
Office Order No.108/HRD-I31.10.2017Rotational Transfer of Shri Baljit Singh, DDG
Office Order No.107/HRD-I31.10.2017Superannuation of Shri Darshan Singh, Addl. DGFT
Office Order No.106/HRD-I25.10.2017Shri Birendra Kumar Mishra, ISS has asssumed charge of the post of Deputy Director (Statistics) in DGFT (HQrs), New Delhi
Office Order No.105/HRD-I18.10.2017Sanction Order for leave applied by Shri D.P. Mohapatara, Addl.DGFT, Ahmedabad,
Office Order No.104/HRD-I10.10.2017Sh. Kirti Vardhan, DDG is assigned additional charge of Policy-1 and PRC/PIC
Office Order No.103/HRD-I04.10.2017Shri SK Sharma (ITS) will assume charge of the post of Development Commissioner, Dahej SEZ, Gujrat
Office Order No.102/HRD-I03.10.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.97/HRD-I30.08.2017The deputation tenure of Shri Jagdish Chander, Research Officer is extended
Office Order No.96/HRD-I30.08.2017Assignment charge of Policy-4 Section including pending claims of DEPB ans GST related matters
Office Order No.95/HRD-I21.08.2017The Services of Shri Rakesh Kumar,ITS,is placed at the disposal of the Department of commerce
Office Order No.94/HRD-I18.08.2017Link Officers
Office Order No.93/HRD-I18.08.2017Allocation Of Work
Office Order No.92/HRD-I18.08.2017Work Allocation in DGFT (Hqrs)
Office Order No.91/HRD-I17.08.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.82/HRD-I25.07.2017Work Allocation in DGFT (Hqrs)
Office Order No.80/HRD-I17.07.2017Voluntary Retirement of Shri Rajan Sudesh Ratna, ITS
Office Order No.79/HRD-I14.07.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.74/HRD-I06.07.2017Work Allocation in DGFT (Hqrs)
Office Order No.73/HRD-I06.07.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.72/HRD-I06.07.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.71/HRD-I05.07.2017Work Allocation in DGFT (Hqrs)
Office Order No.70/HRD-I05.07.2017Shri Alok Dwivedi, DDG is assigned additional charge RA Vijayawada
Office Order No.68/HRD-I29.06.2017Shri Azad Lal Pasi, FTDO as the link officer of Shri T.Songzalian, FTDO and DDO (Cash)
Office Order No.67/HRD-I28.06.2017Transfer/postings of Joint and Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade
Office Order No.62/HRD-I14.06.2017Work allocation in DGFT(Hqrs.).
Office Order No.61/HRD-I14.06.2017Sh. Gagandeep Singh, DDG is assigned additional charge of Policy-5,EPCG-I,EPCG-II and Audit.
Office Order No.20/HRD-II13.06.2017Posting of Smt. Indrajeet Sharma,PS.
Office Order No.60/HRD-I12.06.2017Sh. K.C Rout,ITS ,Addl. DGFT is assigned additional charge of the office of CLA, New Delhi.
Office Order No.59/HRD-I09.06.2017Sh. Vijay Kumar, Add. DGFT, RA, Banglore is assigned additional charge of RA, Hyderabad.
Office Order No.58/HRD-I05.06.2017Relieving of Sh. Yoginder Singh, DDG to join PGDM programme for the year 2017-2019 at NIFM.
Office Order No.19/HRD-II05.06.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.57/HRD-I02.06.2017Ex-India Leave of Sh. Jaikant Singh, ITS.
Office Order No.56/HRD-I31.05.2017Senction order of EL applied by Sh. Satyan Sharda, Addl. DGFT, Hyderabad.
Office Order No.55/HRD-I31.05.2017Work allocation in DGFT(Hqrs).
Office Order No.54/HRD-I26.05.2017Transfer order
Office Order No.52/HRD-I25.05.2017Temporary work arrangement related order.
Office Order No.51/HRD-I25.05.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.50/HRD-I23.05.2017EL with Ex-India leave of Ms. Vasundhara Sinha, Addl. DGFT.
Office Order No.49/HRD-I22.05.2017Posting order
Office Order No.16/HRD-II19.05.2017Transfer / Posting
Office Order No.48/HRD-I17.05.2017Transfer / Posting of Dy. DGFT
Office Order No.46/HRD-I09.05.2017Joining order of Sh. Agneshwar Sen,JDG.
Office Order No.45/HRD-I09.05.2017The EL applied by Sh. Virendra Singh, JDG, Visakhapattnam is sanctioned by the Competent Authority.
Office Order No.44/HRD-I09.05.2017Reallocation of works in DGFT(Hqr.).
Office Order No.43/HRD-I04.05.2017Sh. S.Kipgen, DDG is assigned additional charge of General Branch, in addition to his existing duties.
Office Order No.42/HRD-I04.05.2017Promotion order of Assistant DGFT(JTS of ITS).
Office Order No.41/HRD-I03.05.2017Sh. Kirti Vardhan, DDG will operate GeM during the leave period of Sh. Pradyman Sahu, FTDO.
Office Order No.40/HRD-I28.04.2017Additional charge of Sh. K.C Rout, ITS, ADGFT.
Office Order No.39/HRD-I26.04.2017Work allocation in DGFT(Hqrs).
Office Order No.36/HRD-I20.04.2017Revised allocation of work in DGFT(Hqrs).
Office Order_928_HRD-I13.04.2017Delegation of Powers in respect of framing/ameding of Recruitement Rules for the posts in Directorate General of Foreign Trade-regarding.
Office Order No.34/HRD-I12.04.2017Confirmation of ITS.
Office Order No.33/HRD-I10.04.2017Non Functional Upgradation (NFU) granted to Sh. Jai Karan Singh, JDG.
Office Order No.31/HRD-I31.03.2017Transfer /Posting
Office Order No.29/HRD-I31.03.2017Sh. Satish Kumar, Addl.DGFT is assigned additional charge RA Chandigarh
Office Order No.28/HRD-I31.03.2017Sh. S.S. Das, ITS, Jt.DGFT transferred to RA, Guwahati
Office Order No.27/HRD-I31.03.2017Granted Ex-India earned leave to Ms. Meenakshi Dhand, PS