Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi


 Dated: 8th March, 2010    


Subject: Calling for Quotations for AMC for the Computer Systems/Printers etc. – regarding. 


               The Directorate General of Foreign Trade intends to put the following Computer Systems/Printers etc. under comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for a period of one Year, which can be extended on mutual agreement for further one year.  The details of the computer system/Printers etc. are as under:-

Sl. No.

Name of Items



P IV Computer Make HP & Acer)



1000 Series HP Laser Jet



1015 Series HP Laser Jet



2015 HP Laser Jet



6L HP Laser Jet Printer



Wipro LQ – 1050 Dot Matrix



Colour Laser Jet 4600 Printer



HP Laser Jet 1160



695 CCI Desk Jet Printer



1007 HP Lasewr4 Jet



3005 HP Laser Jet






CD Writers



HP Laser Jet 1022



HP Photo Smart









                The above-mentioned quantities of computer systems to be put under AMC may vary to some extent.

2.           This Directorate invites Technical & Commercial Bids on the following terms and conditions:-

i)                        The firms should be  minimum 2 Authorised  Service providers of reputed brand names in the filed and should have an  Authorised  Service Centre of reputed brand names in the field (proofs in this regard should be attached).

ii)                    The firm should have successfully undertaken similar work in a Govt.   Department for maintenance of at least 150 items of Computer Hardware.  A copy of proof in this regard be furnished.

iii)                  The firm should have PAN allotted to them by the Income Tax Department (proof to be attached).

iv)                  The firm should have obtained Service tax certificates issued by the Govt. (copy to be attached as proof).

v)                    The firms should have an ISO certification (Copy to be attached as proof).

vi)                  The firm should have at least 3 years standing proven experience in maintenance of computers and should attach documentary evidence.

vii)                The firm should have a turnover of at least 5 cores generated from IT services and maintenance activities (Audited Financial Statement for the Last Year needs to be attached as proof).

viii)              The firm should have at least 2 HP certified Engineers.

3.                    If the technical bids short of any of the support documents in proof of the above-mentioned conditions their respective commercial bids will not be opened.

4.                    The sealed quotations (in two-cover system), one cover containing, technical bid and the other containing commercial bid, super scribed clearly on top of each of the respective covers “Technical bids” and   “Commercial Bid” and together placed in a single cover, must reach the Dy.DGFT (General), Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Udyog Bhavan, Room No. 202, New Delhi – 110011 on or before 22.03.2010.

5.                                First the technical bids shall be opened by a Committee Constituted by this Directorate and evaluated vis-ŕ-vis the terms and conditions and thereafter the commercial bids of only those who qualify the technical evaluation will be opened and evaluated.  The comprehensive commercial bids, quoting rates, which shall be inclusive of Sales Tax and Service Tax as applicable, are to be sent in a separate sealed envelope for commercial bid.  The technical bids containing commercial quotes are liable to be rejected.

6.             (i)               The contract should be comprehensive including maintenance and installation of Operating Systems, Standard Applications and Hardware.

    (ii)        The Department will provide Anti-Virus software and will be incumbent on the firm to maintain, install and update the software on the systems under AMC.

7.             (i)   The firm shall provide at least 2 service Engineers, who shall be available in the department during 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM.


    (ii)        Such personnel should be MCSF qualified or be holding equivalent qualification or more.  They must be having experience of at least two years in service & maintenance.  At the time of award of contract, the company will intimate names & proof regarding qualifications experience of service Engineers.  For any dispute, decision of this Directorate shall be final.

    (iii)       The service personnel will be provided with mobile/cell phones.

    (iv)       The firm shall not ordinarily change the service personnel without permission or objection from this Directorate.  If any service personnel is not up to the expectation of this Department, the firm shall have to change him within a week.

    (v)        The firm shall give contract number of its help desk, so that in case of urgent/emergent requirement, a service personnel can be after office hours or on holidays.

8.             The firms must quote for complete computer systems.  Incomplete or part quotations are not acceptable.  Rates may be quoted as lump sum for each quarter.  This is in view of change in number or hardware items in each quarter. i.e. first quarter will be on 01.4.2010  to 30.06.2010 and so on.

9.             The contract will be COMPREHENSIVE  (i.e. including replacement of parts) and no extra charges whatsoever would be paid.

10.           Before award of contract, the committee members may check the records/Accounts of the firm and may inspect its office premises at Delhi to satisfy themselves about the trustworthiness of the company.

11.           The complaints shall be attended promptly and if required, the company may depute its Senior Engineer from time to time.

12.           In case of major repair of equipment in workshop standby facility should be given by the AMC Vendor.

13.           A penalty Rs.200/- per day will be charge if the servers and other items of this office not repaired within 2 hours after lodging the complaint.  Any expenditure incurred on account of repair undertaken otherwise due to failure of the contractor to rectify the fault/undertake repair, shall be met by the contractor.

14.           The tender must be accompanied by an account payee demand draft amounting to Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) drawn in favour AO, DGFT,  New Delhi as EMD, Cash payment, (Cheques and other mode of payment shall not be accepted.  The EMD shall not bear any interest and shall be refunded to the unsuccessful bidder after the finalization of AMC.

15.           Department reserves the right to cancel the contract any time during the currency of the contract without giving any reason, whatsoever if the services provided by the firm found to be unsatisfactory.



16.           No advance payment in any case would be made.  However, quarterly payment after satisfactory completion of each quarter would be made admissible to the firm.

17.       The Security deposit of 10% of the amount of total value of the AMC in the form of FDR in favour of this office should be submitted to the department immediately.  The security deposit shall be released after 60 of days expiry of the contract.

                                                                                                           Yours Faithfully,


( A.C. Jha )

Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade

            Tel.No. 2306 3451