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Government of India

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi.


    New Delhi, the   8th   March, 2010.




            As per List.


Subject:- Comprehensive   Annual    Maintenance    Contract   of  Window Type / Spilt Type

               Air-conditioners (1.0 Ton and 1.5 Ton- all model) and Voltage Stabilizers during the  

              Financial Year 2010-2011.



            Directorate General of Foreign Trade invites quotation for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of 102Nos. of Windows Type air-conditioners, 21nos. of split type air-conditioners and 55nos. of Voltage Stabilizers during the financial year 2010-2011. The number of air-conditioners and voltage stabilizer may increase/decrease subsequently. For this purpose you may examine the condition of all the machines before quoting rates. The rates should be quoted in the following manner:-


1.         Rates for window type air-conditioner, per machine including spare parts, Gas charges, Repair of compressor, wire, pipe etc.


2.         Rates for split type air-conditioner, per machine including spare parts, Gas charges, Repair of compressor, wire, pipe etc.


3.         Rates for Voltage Stabilizer, per stabilizer including spare parts etc.


4.         It may be noted that during the currency of maintenance contract the contractor would be required to keep  all machines in perfect running order including voltage stabilizers. No payment would be made for replacement of any parts etc. It shall also be responsibility of the contractor to hand over all machines in working conditions at the end of the contract to this Directorate by the previous contractor.


5.         The contractor would be required to depute competent and qualified mechanic, who will remain present in DGFT on all working days during the office hours. The complaints, if any received by the contract should be attended to immediately. The repair and maintenance etc. would  be carried out in the premises of this office. However, only such work as cannot be   carried   out   in   the   office    premises   will   be  allowed to be

undertaken out side with the written permission of the competent authority and for this purpose no extra payment would be made.


6.         No extra payment whatsoever on account of natural calamities or otherwise will be made to the contractor except the rates accepted and it shall be the responsibility of the contract to ensure that the machines work satisfactorily from the start to the end of contract period. Failure to service the machines in question within a reasonable time without adequate reason or to return the repaired machines taken to workshop for repairs, with a week’s time may entail proportionate deduction in the rate in respect of the total period.


7.         The firm to whom the above contract is awarded should furnish a security deposit of 5%  of value of contract in the form of FDR in favour of “Accounts Officer” CP&AO (DGFT), Department of Commerce, New Delhi within 15 days from the date of award of contract. The security deposit will be forfeited wholly or partly if the work is not found satisfactory or if the mechanic is not present in DGFT, Udyog Bhavan during the office hours on all working days. The decision of this office shall be final and binding on the firm. It will otherwise be refunded after successful completion of the contract.


8.         The firm will have to deposit an amount of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) in form of Bank Draft/FDR payable in favour of “The Accounts Officer, CP&AO,( DGFT), Department of  Commerce, New Delhi. If the firm have not submitted the bank draft with their quotation will not be  entertained. Bank Draft will be refunded to unsuccessful bidders.

9.         Service Tax/PAN Number should be attached.


10.       Reputed firms having the experience of minimum 3-4 years in the maintenance of air-conditioners in government/semi government organizations and those having the requisite competency/capacity to handle the job in question may submit there quotation.



11.       The document for satisfactory services for maintenance of air-conditioners from at least three government /semi government organizations, public sectors should be attached.


12.       The firm must attach supporting documents in this regard and in the absence of these documents, the tender will not be entertained.


13.       If the work of the contractor is found unsatisfactory or if the contractor dishonors the contract, the contract shall be terminated forthwith, the job will be entrusted to other firm without giving any notice to the contractor. In this regard the decision of the DGFT will be final and binding on the contractor.


14.       No advance payment will be made. The payment will be made on quarterly basis subject to satisfactory performance report for the users.


            The interested parties/firms may furnish their rates for above mentioned work. The quotations complete in all respects should reach to the undersigned in a sealed cover along with demand draft of Rs.20,000/- in favour of Accounts Officer, (DGFT), Department of Commerce duly marked “Quotation for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Air-conditioners”, so as to reach the undersigned in Room No.312 or Shri S.K. Pandey, FTDO (Room No.202, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi) on or before22.3.2010 up to 1.00 P.M. The quotations will be opened on 22.3.2010 at 4.00 P.M. No conditional quotations will be accepted. The competent authority reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation without assigning any reason.


Yours faithfully,



(A.C. Jha)

Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade