Government of  India

Ministry  Of  Commerce & Industry

Directorate General of  Foreign  Trade

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi-110011



As per list

                                                                                         Dated :  25  .06.2010





            Sealed quotations are invited for award of contract for photocopier work in this office. The firm will have to bring 4-5 brand new (purchased in 2010) Photocopier machines of latest model to this office. At least two machines are required to have facility of sorting, collating & binding. All machines should have duplex facility. The location of photocopying machines may be of different floors. If a firm is awarded the contract, it will suggest five-six models of different makes to this Directorate and shall purchase the models/makes approved by this Directorate. For this work, it is clarified, that cost of paper will be borne by the firm. The interested parties may quote their rates of single side and both side copying charges of A-4 size, F-S. and A-3 size paper.


2.         Average number of photocopies per month will be minimum 3,00,000(Three lakh) approx.


3.        Quotations should reach the undersigned in sealed cover along with earnest money of Rs. 30,000/- in the form of Bank Draft drawn in favour of  Accounts Officer, CP & AO  DGFT, New Delhi upto 4.00 p.m. on 16th July, 2010. Quotations should be super scribed as “QUOTAION FOR PHOTOPCOPYING WORK” on the top of the cover. The Quotation/tender is to be handed over to Sh. S. K. Pandey, Foreign Trade Development Officer (Room No. 202), Directorate General of  Foreign Trade, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi-110011.


4.         Quotations received without bank draft towards the earnest money will not be considered at all and will be straightway rejected.


5.         The firm will  have to provide an experienced operator, one of the operator for each machine should be mechanic-cum-operator. The normal hours shall be 9.30 A.M. to 6.00 PM Monday to Saturday. However they may have to sit late and come for holidays if required.


6.         Within 15 days from the issues of contract letter, the firm will make arrangements of paper consumables in a way that they don’t run out of stock. Within this period, the firm shall make arrangement of photocopiers and should be in position to start work.

7.         All the machines should remain in operation all the time. If any defect occurs in these machines, the contractor should get it rectified immediately and in case repair in likely to take time, the machine should be replaced immediately. In no case, office work should suffer due to defects in machines.


8.         The firms participating in the tender must have VAT Registration & Service Tax Registration Certificates. The documentary proof of registration certificates should be enclosed.


9.         The Tenderers must have five years of working experience in atleast 5 Govt. Deptt./PSUs . Documentary proof in support of their claim must be attached.


10.       The firm must have annual turnover of Rs. 2 Crores. Documents must be attached in this regard.


11.       Space and electricity will be provided by the Department whereas maintenance of equipment (to ensure that these are in perfect working conditions) will be the responsibility of the firm.


12.       Initially contract will be awarded for of one year which can be extended for another year depending on the satisfactory service of the firm and mutual agreement.   


13.       The contract should furnish security money worth Rs. 50,000/- (Rs. Fifty Thousand Only) in the form of  FDR in favour of DGFT, New Delhi with in 15 days from the date of award of the contract which will be returned after satisfactory completion of the contract. The security money should remain valid for a period of sixty days beyond the date of completion of the contract.


14.       If the work is found unsatisfactory or if firm dishonour the contract, the security money may be forfeited and the job may be entrusted to other firm without giving any notice to the contractor. In this regard the decision of the office will be final and binding on the contractor.


15.       No advance payment will be made in any case and TDS will be deducted as per Rules.


16.     The requisition for making out photocopy will be provided to the operator duly signed by the concerned officer.  


17.       After the copies of the documents are prepared, the concerned staff member/officer will take both the photocopies of the documents with them


18.       The paper may be in 75 gsm photocopy of J.K. Copier/Modi Xerox make or equivalent (approved by this office).


19.       The firm will get Police Verification of its employees done at its cost.


20.       The operators will have a mobile phone which will not be switched off during the time when work is on.


21.       ISO 9001/2000 certified company will be given preference. 


22.       The operator will not leak information contained in the letters and documents given to them for making copies.






23.       The quotation shall be opened in the Room No. 103 at 4.10 p.m. on 16.07.2010. Any tenderer or his/her authorized representative may be preset at the time of opening of tenders.


24.       The firm will prefer the bills for payment of the photocopier work along with requisition received from the officers/sections in the prescribed format on monthly basis.


25.       This office has the right to terminate the contract at any time without assigning any reason.




(S. K. Pandey)

Foreign Trade Development Officer

Tel. Ph. No. 23063451



Copy to EDI Section along with Floppy with the request to place the same on our web-site immediately for wide publicity.



(S. K. Pandey)

Foreign Trade Development Officer