F.No. 11/8/2010/Stationery Cell/967 Dated the 11th November 2010



All eligible Printers



Subject:- Printing of Annual Report 2010-11 (English Hindi ) and Printing of Abstracts of Approvals 2010-11 and Abstract of Approvals 2009-2010(under Export Promotion and Duty Neutralization Schemes of Foreign Trade Policy -reg




The quotations are invited for printing of Annual Report of this office for the year 2010-11 and Printing of Abstract of Approvals 2009-10 as per details given bellow:-


Printing of Annual Report 2010-11

In all 300 copies in English and 100 copies in Hindi containing about 100 to 120 pages. The report is to be printed on 130 GSM imported Art Paper and cover on 250 GSM imported art paper. The cover paper and charts are to be printed as per colours scheme. The paper to be used for printing and for cover of the Annual Report should be of high quality and got approved from this office before printing. You may quote your rate for the same along with all specification and sample of paper to be used. The firm shall be required to get proof vetted within 5 days of the receipt of the material and shall make the printed copies available within one week from the date final proof is okayed. The rates may be quoted separately for printing as follows:-


(i)                   Cover of English Annual Report

(ii)                 Cover of Hindi Annual Report

(iii)                Inside pages of English Report

(iv)               Inside pages of Hindi Report

Printing of Abstracts of Approvals 2009-10

(A) In all 400 copies of the Abstracts of Approvals 2009-10 are to be printed containing 100 +/- 10 pages approximately.

(B) Cover page and charts are to be printed as per appropriate colour scheme.


2. The sample copies of Annual; Report and Abstract of Approvals of previous years are available for inspection in Room No. 201 and 114 as mentioned in para 3 below.


3. The firm should furnish its profile and some proof to show that it has been engaged in work of printing for Govt. Deptt/Organizations during last three years. The quotations may be sent in the Sealed Cover so as to reach the undersigned at Room No.114 or Shri Hari Om, FTDO in room No. 201, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi latest by 3rd December 2010 by 4.30 P.M. along with earnest money of Rs.5000/- in the form of Bank Draft issued in favour of DGFT New Delhi.


4. The Successful tenderer will be required to deposit an amount equal to 10% of value of the work. The security money will be forfeited in case the printing work is not found satisfactory, as per specification of delivery is not made with the scheduled time

Yours faithfully,




Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade

Tel. 23061562/Ext.216