Government of India

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi.


New Delhi, the  14th   July, 2011.



Sealed Tender/ Quotations are invited from reputed IT companies with expertise in supply of programmers and specialized Data Entry Operators with extensive experience in computer software/portals/databases/networking/data feeding for supplying manpower for creating data-bases/portals/data feeding in the office of DGFT, New Delhi. The service contractor (IT firm supplying manpower) should have adequate well-trained and experienced manpower and should have supplied programmers and similar skilled manpower to similar Central Government organizations and bodies.


            The IT company (hereinafter called as service contractor) should have a well established reputation, should be conversant with Foreign Trade and should submit along with its quotation, details of its experience/background/details of services rendered in other Govt. bodies and related institutions. The service provider submitting the quotation must have working experience in the field of portals/databases/networking/data capture for at lest three years in any Central Govt. department/State Govt. department or PSU/bank and above financial institutions.


            The skilled manpower to be supplied should conform the following specifications:


“The person engaged for programming work should be at least a graduate preferably a B.E or B.Tech or MCA with complete knowledge of building databases, portals, front end software and should have worked in at least three such projects before”.

2.Specialised Data Entry Operator (SDEO)

            “The person engaged for feeding work should be at least a graduate preferably with complete knowledge of data feeding and excellent working knowledge of Micro Soft Excel, MS Word, MS Office, Windows XP, networking and internet”.


1 programmer and 1 SDEO numbers of such persons are required at DGFT headquarters in Udyog Bhawan. Depending upon need, DGFT may decide to hire more programmers and SDEOs for its headquarter as well as Regional Authorities, however no assurance of the same will be given in advance and such additional programmers and SDEOs should be made available at a short notice of 15 days. The service provider should have a large pool of such skilled personnel available with them.


            The normal period for which the manpower required is 06 months and will extended thereafter depending upon the work load.

            The rates quoted in the tenders should be quoted on per person per month basis and other charges for reserving portal space, server requirements, automatic responders (SMS/Emails) etc would be on actual basis as per the requirement of DGFT, as conveyed from time to time. The other terms and conditions are as follows:

(i)                 the persons supplied for the above mentioned works will be kept on trial basis for one month and if their services are found satisfactory on the basis of the given quantity and expected quality etc. or work/output, they will be continued or else the service contractor will have to change them and provide replacement immediately;

(ii)               Once the programmer/s & SDEO/s have been approved after trial, they will not be changed by the service contractor under any circumstances. They can only be changed at the behest of this office;

(iii)             The persons engaged should be well behaved, skillful and perform their duties under the direction of the Divisional Head/s or HODs where they will be attached and they will have to work from 09.30 AM to 06.00 PM on all working days.;

(iv)             It is imperative that the persons engaged performs their duties to the satisfaction of officer in charge of that office otherwise the contract can be terminated on 1 week notice;

(v)               Only the normal weekly off and Gazetted holidays will be allowed;

(vi)             The persons being supplied will be certified to have clear bonafides and their complete details will be provided. The service provider would be responsible for verifying this data and if any discrepancy is noticed at a later stage, the contract is liable to be terminated;


(vii)           All payments will be made to the service contractor only. The service contractor shall in turn submit proof of having made the payment to be the hired employees. The payment of work shall be made on monthly submission of bills and the payment shall be made at the earliest;

(viii)         The entire responsibility of the outsourced persons regarding their leave, pay, medical, other employee benefits etc. will be on the service provider. The service provider will be solely responsible for the deployment of data entry operators who will be working for and on behalf of the service provider and would be on the service providers roll irrespective of their attendance being taken by the department. The department will not own any responsibility of their employment or otherwise;

(ix)             In case work is found to be unsatisfactory, the department reserves the right to terminate the contract and the contractor shall be liable to forfeit the security deposit so made. It is important to high light that the contract would stand terminated the day the letter for termination is issued; and


This office reserves the right to conduct any test/interview to select the best candidate.

Each applicant will submit two sealed envelopes, one giving his background/experience/qualifications of persons to be supplied for technical evaluation and the other giving the financial quotations.


This office reserves the right to cancel/amend any terms/conditions of this enquiry or to reject any/all quotations/rates without assigning any reasons whatsoever.


Sealed quotation and tenders will be opened on dated 25.7.2011 and time 15:30 hrs. by the DDG(GA) at R.No.206,Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 001.



(Prakash Chand)

Foreign Trade Development Officer