Government of India

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi.


New Delhi, the 19th   August, 2011.




Sealed Tender/ Quotations are invited from reputed    firms for cleanliness of entire area of office of DGFT like corridors, staircases, toilets, rooms, quadrangles, common areas, dusting of tables, chairs, other items of furniture, electronic equipments, other articles in office rooms  with expertise with extensive experience in cleanliness work in Central Government organizations and bodies.                                                                                                                                                    


2.      The company (hereinafter called as service contractor) should have a well established reputation, should be conversant with Cleaning/sweeping work  and should submit along with its quotation, details of its experience/background/details of services rendered in other Govt. bodies and related institutions. The service provider submitting the quotation must have working experience in the field of cleaning & sweeping capture for at least three years in any Central Govt. department/State Govt. department or PSU/bank and above financial institutions.


3.     Job will be awarded through Quality-cum-cost Based Selection approach.


4.            All equipments, consumable, cleaning chemicals & Toiletries, vacuum cleaner, high pressure jet, moping trolley etc will be provided by the firm.


5.            The persons being supplied will be certified to have clear bona-fide and their complete details will be provided. The service provider would be responsible for verifying this data and if any discrepancy is noticed at a later stage, the contract is liable to be terminated;


6.      All payments will be made to the service contractor only. The service contractor shall in turn submit proof of having made the payment to be the hired employees. The payment of work shall be made on monthly submission of bills and the payment shall be made at the earliest;


7..     The entire responsibility of the outsourced persons regarding their leave, pay, medical, other employee benefits etc. will be on the service provider. The service provider will be solely responsible for the deployment of cleaning staff who will be working for and on behalf of the service provider and would be on the service providers roll. The department will not own any responsibility of their employment or otherwise.


8.      This office reserves the right to cancel/amend any terms/conditions of this contract or to reject any/all quotations/rates without assigning any reasons whatsoever. In case work is found to be unsatisfactory, the department reserves the right to terminate the contract and the contractor shall be liable to forfeit the security deposit so made. It is important to high light that the contract would stand terminated the day the letter for termination is issued.


9.      It is imperative that the persons engaged performs their duties to the satisfaction of officer in charge of that office otherwise the contract can be terminated on 1 week notice;




10.    The quotation is to be submitted in two sealed envelopes, one giving his background/experience/qualifications of persons to be supplied for technical evaluation and the other giving the financial quotations.   Sealed envelope “Super- scribed quotation for providing Cleaning and Sweeping services” addressed to the undersigned in Room No.202, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi. The tenders should reach on or before 10th of September, 2011 by 3.00 PM to FTDO (GA, Room No. 202, Udyog Bhavan, New Delh and same will be opened at 4.00 PM.    The subject and address of the service provider/agency must be clearly mentioned on the cover of sealed envelop.  Short listed bidders or their authorized representatives may be present at the time of opening quotations.


11.    The firm will have to deposit an amount of  Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) in form of Bank Draft/FDR payable in favour of  “The Accounts Officer, CPAO (DGFT), Department of Commerce, New Delhi. If the firm have not submitted the bank draft with their quotation will not be entertained. The Bank Draft will be refunded to unsuccessful bidder.


12.   The successful bidder will have to deposit a security amount equal to 5% of value of contract which shall be refunded within 60 days of completion of the job.


13.    For any queries or more information, the undersigned may be contacted between 9.30 AM .  to 6.00 P.M. on any working day from FTDO (GA).



(Prakash Chand)

Foreign TradeDevelopment Officer