No. 10/1 /2012 -Genl./

Government of India

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi.


New Delhi, the 19th March, 2012.

Tender Notice


Subject:- Quotation for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Digital EPABX System (Siemens- Model) 200 Lines of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi.


         The Directorate General of Foreign Trade invites quotations from desirous firms for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Digital EPABX System (SIEMENS- Make) 200 Lines for a period of one year from 1.4.2012 to 31.3.2013. Quotations may be sent so as to reach the Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade (Genl) in Room No.313, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi or to Shri Prakash Chand, in Room No.202, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi latest by 28.3.2012 up to 1.00 P.M. along with earnest money of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) in the form of Bank Draft in favour of Accounts Officer, (DGFT), New Delhi. The earnest money will be refunded to the concerned bidders after finalization of contract. The envelop should be properly sealed and should superscribe in bold letters “Quotation for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Digital EPABX System. Quotations may be delivered on or any working day up to 1.00 P.M. or before 28 .3.2012. Thereafter quotations will not be accepted. The quotations will be opened on same day i.e. 28.3.2012 at 4.00 P.M. Terms and conditions of the contract are as under:-


1.            The firm should not be of less than three year’s in experience.


            2.            The firm should have PAN and Sales Tax/Service Tax Registration (proof in this regard may be attached).


3.            The firm should not have been blacklisted by any government organization during the last three years. A certificate in this regard may be attached.


4.            The firms, who is authorized by SIEMENS for providing maintenance services of SIEMEN Make Digital EPABX Systems may be submit their quotation. In this connection, authorization letter should be attached.


5.            Free service calls by engineer will be made during the contract period for any genuine trouble with system every working day. Each visit will be made within two hours of the complaint lodged with company. In case of emergency, calls will be attended on Saturday, Sunday Holiday and after office hours also.

      6.            Arrangement to bring the system or any part or instruments to office for the service purpose will be made by the Contractor if it found necessary to do so. If any parts of the system are not available, the company shall be liable for repair any damages or incidentals arising out of delays in completing the job. A penalty @ Rs.100/- for any delay in attending the complaint shall be levied for each two hours of lodging of the complaint.


7.            The contract will cover free replacement of all consumables, which will be necessary as a result of normal wear and tear during the period of contract.


8.            During the contract period, the Directorate will not allow any unauthorized person to handle the system in order to rectify any defect. It is your own interest that no extension be shifted even in your own premises by any unauthorized person.


             9.           Before, he accepts this contract an agreement of contract will have to be signed by the contractor for the period of contract.


         10.          The contract can be cancelled or terminated any time without assigning any reason.


11.          The contract is not transferable.


12.          The rates quoted by the firm shall be valid for a period of two years from the date of award of contract which may be extended for another one year with the consent of both parties.


13.          The system will be handed over the Directorate or the successor CMAC firm is good working condition after expiry of the contract.


14.          No charges would be paid by the Directorate for shifting of system within the same premises or any other premises in the building.


15.          For all legal purposes, the contract will be deemed to have been concluded in New Delhi and the courts at New Delhi will have exclusive jurisdiction in all matter of dispute.


               16.       The firm will have to deposit an amount of Rs.10,000/- (rupees ten thousand only) inform of Bank Draft/FDR payable in favour of “The Account Officer, CP&AO (DGFT), Department of Commerce, New Delhi. If the firm have not submitted the bank draft with their quotation will not be entertained. The Bank Draft/FDR will be refunded to unsuccessful bidder.


            17.       The Earnest Money will be treated as Security Money and the same shall be valid for a period of 60 days beyond the period of the contract. The Security Money will be forfeited if their services is not found satisfactory.


               18.       This office reserves the right for cancellation/rejection of any or all quotations without assigning an reason.

Yours faithfully,



(Prakash Chand)

Foreign Trade Development Officer