No. 6/11/94-Genl./

Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

(Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi)

                                                Dated the  July,2004.





Subject:- Award of contract for pest control treatment in the office of Directorate General of Foreign Trade for the period of one year.


        This office intends to award the contract for providing pest control/rodent treatment services etc. on Sq. Ft. basis of this office for a period of one year on the following terms and conditions as and when required basis :-


1.    The contract will be for one year.

2.    The contractor will have to deposit an earnest money of Rs. 2000/-( Rs. Two thousand only)  in form of FDR which will be refunded after the contract is over.  In case the services of the contractor is found unsatisfactory the earnest money will be forfeited and contract will be terminated. 

3.    The contractor will be responsible to keep all the rooms of free from pests including wooden furniture of the rooms and should depute experience persons for execution of job along with all material, machines and manpower.

4.    The rooms where anti termite/pest control treatment is required will be intimated by the Directorate.  This will be done as and when the need is felt by Department and at the rates mentioned above.

5.    The contractor will obtain the work voucher from all the Room occupants and the same will be attached with the respective bills.

6.    No transportation charges on this account will be paid by this office.

7.    The spray of insecticides, pest control services will be twice a month.

8.    The contractor should submit the pre-receipted bill (in triplicate along with the work vouchers obtained from the users.

9.    The contract can be cancelled any time without assigning any reasons, whatsoever.

10.           TDS will be deducted at source as per the rules.


You are requested to quote your rates.  The quotation in a sealed cover should be reached to the undersigned latest by 13.8.2004 up to 5.00 PM along with a copy of valid licence, thereafter no quotation will be accepted.





Endt. No. 6/11/94-Genl./                        Dated:-

        Copy along with floppy is forwarded to EDI Section with the request to place the same on our web-site for wide publicity.


Encl: As above.