Subject:- Award of All inclusive contract for the servicing/maintenance and up-keep of UPS (600VA & 725 VA) except Batteries of DGFT office for a period of one year.




This office requires the services of a contractor who is prepared to undertake the job of servicing, repairing and maintenance of UPS of various model (600VA & 725 VA) except Batteries for the period of one year.  Accordingly sealed quotations for the above job are invited on the terms and conditions mentioned below.  The UPS to be serviced and repaired are in use in the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi.  In case, you are interested to undertake the work, you are requested to submit your sealed quotations along with earnest money in the form of Bank Draft/FDR of Rs. 1000/- (Rs. One thousand only) in favour of this  office to the undersigned not later than 25.1.12005 by 5.00 PM.


i)                   No extra payment, whatsoever, on account of natural calamities as otherwise will be made except what is permitted under this contract.  It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to carry out maintenance work of UPS  satisfactorily throughout the year.

ii)                 It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to hand over back to this office all the equipments under contract, in working condition at the end of the contract period.

iii)               The mechanic deputed by the firm will report to General Branch of this office in Udyog Bhavan daily during office hours to attend to complaints.  The UPS will have to be set right on the same day or latest by the next working day.

iv)               The work is to be carried out in the office premises itself.  However, only such work which cannot be done in the office premises will be allowed to be done outside with the written permission of the Foreign Trade Development Officer, General Branch of this office and no extra payment would be made on this account.

v)                 Failure to repair/service the equipments in question within the reasonable time, without adequate reasons may attract proportionate deductions in the bill in respect of the total period.

vi)               If your work is found un-satisfactory or in disregard of the contract, this office is at liberty to entrust the job to any other firms/party at your risk/expenses of the existing contract with the firm.

vii)             The contract can be terminated by this office at any time without assigning any reasons and the decision of the undersigned shall be final and binding.

viii)           The payment will be made as per following schedule :-

a)     First installment of 50% of the total amount of the contract will be payable after three months from the commencement of the contract.

b)     2nd installment of 25% of the total amount of the contract will be payable after nine months from the commencement of contract.

c)      Last and final installment of 25% of the total amount of the contract will be payable after expiry of the contract.


The undersigned reserve the right to accept or reject any quotations in full or in part without assigning any reasons, thereof.

Yours faithfully,