By  Speed Post


Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

General Branch

Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi.

                                                     Dated:   3rd  March, 2006






Subject:   Hiring of Two DLY/Taxies on lease basis for the year 

              2006-2007  --  Quotation reg.




     This office intends to hire two taxies on lease basis  for the year 2006-2007.  The terms and conditions of the contract are as under:-

1.                 The contract will be valid for one year.

2.                 The contractor will have to deposit an earnest money of Rs.10,000/-(Rs. Ten thousand only) in form of FDR which will be refunded after contract is order.  In case the services of the contractor is found unsatisfactory the earnest money will be forfeited and contract will be terminated.

3.                 The car will be driven by a dedicated driver.  As far as possible same car  and driver will be deputed for Department duties.

4.                 The car will be in a good condition and will be insured by the agency.  In case of any accident, all the claims arising out of it will be met by the agency.

5.                 C.N.G./Private vehicles will be preferred.

6.                 All the charges towards repair/ servicing, salary of driver, petrol/diesel and any other incidental expenses on operation and maintenance will be born by the agency.

7.                 The charges will be same if additional vehicles are used by this Department.  In case of any break-down, the agency will provide another vehicle immediately.



8.                 The firm have to provide a black plated private vehicle as and when required by this Department.

9.                 The charges from Garage to Udyog Bhawan may not exceed 5 kms. for one side per day.

10.             The driver should be in proper uniform with name tag.

11.             All taxies including toll tax and parking shall be paid on actual basis.                                                                          

12.             This office reserve the right to cancel the agreement/ contract at any time without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

13.             The quotations should reach the undersigned in a sealed cover alongwith earnest money of Rs.5000/- in the form of Bank Draft drawn in favour DGFT, New Delhi and details of vehicles in the enclosed proforma on or before 16.3.06 upto 4.00 p.m.  Quotation should be supescribed as “QUOTATION FOR HIRING OF TAXI”on the top of the cover.   

14.             The firms, who have sent their quotation in response to this office letter of  even number dated 10.2.2006 should send their quotation again but they need not  furnish earnest money of   Rs.5000/- in the form of bank draft again.  Those who have not furnished earnest money earlier alongwith their quotation, their quotation will not  be considered, if sent again without bank draft of Rs.5000/-.

Yours faithfully,





                                                                  PH. 23061562 -250