Government of India.

Ministry of Commerce & Industries

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi-110011


No. 18/10/2007-Genl/                                                 New Delhi, dated the 6th  August, 2007


         Subject:- Calling of quotation for Computer Printer Ink Cartridge and other consumable  items –



            The Dte. General of Foreign Trade intends to procure items.  This Office invites quotations from desirous tenderers.  The bid will be valid for a period of 1 (one) year.  The details of Computer Printer Ink Cartridge and other consumable items are given in the Annexure ‘A’, attached to this schedule, which is a part of this tender.


2. The terms & conditions on the basis of which the contract will be awarded are given below: -


i)    Tenderer should enclose his balance sheet, duly certified by a Chartered Accountant.  He should also indicate his annual turnover.  It should be more    than Rs. 50 Lakh (Rs. fifty Lakh only) per annum.

           ii)   Tenderer should copies of at least 5 (five) supply orders against which he has supplied stationery items to the Central Government Offices(Self attested copy of     proof is to be attached)

    iii)   Tenderer should have PAN allotted to him by the Income Tax Department.   (self attested photo copy of proof is to be attached).

     iv)    Tenderer should have obtained Sales Tax/VAT Tax Certificates issued by   the Govt. (self attested photo copy of proof is to be attached).

v)    A self certificate to be given that the firm has not been blacklisted during last 03 years by any Government organization/NCCF/KB and other Multi-State Co-operative Societies having majority shareholding by the Central Government.

vi)  Tenderer should be registered Supplies Reseller (RSR) and is authorized to quote and supply HP Original Supplies product (including Inkjet cartridge, LaserJet cartridge etc.); Photocopier tonners  of various machines and fax cartridge from the firm. (A self attested photo copy of proof is to be attached).


3.  If the technical bids are short of any of the support documents in proof of the above-mentioned conditions, the offers would be rejected summarily and the respective commercial bids will not be opened.


4. The sealed Quotations (in two cover system), one cover containing technical bid and the other containing commercial bid, superscribed clearly on Top  of each of respective covers “Technical Bid” and “Commercial Bid” together placed in a single cover, must reach the Stationery Cell, IInd Floor, H Wing, Room No. 201,Udyog Bhavan,  New Delhi-110011 not later than 4.00 P.M. on 14.8.2007.  Quotation received after stipulated date/time shall not be entertained and opened by  a committee constituted for the purpose.


5.  First the technical bids shall be opened and evaluated vis-a vis the terms & conditions, and thereafter the commercial bid of only those who qualify the technical evaluation would be opened and evaluated.  The comprehensive commercial bid, quoting rates, are to be sent in a separate sealed envelope.  Any technical bid containing commercial quotes are liable to be rejected.


6.  Tenderer should quote his rate at F.O.R. destination basis for a period of 1 year from the of acceptance of tender. 


      7..  The  Tenderer/firm should be in position to supply Computer Printer Ink Cartridge and other consumable items mentioned in the list enclosed in the Stationery Cell, D.G.F.T., IInd Floor, H Wing, Room No. 201, Udyog Bhavan,  New Delhi-110011 within 3 days from the receipt of the orders.


8.  The Tenderer/Firm should be available on his own direct telephone (office as well as residence) and also on mobile phone The Mobile Number may also be given. The firm should be able to provide Computer consumable items on holidays/Sundays also.



9.       An earnest money of Rs. 10,000/- has to be deposed in the form of bank Draft drawn in favour DGFT (CPAO), New Delhi along with the quotation.    The earnest money will be refunded to the unsuccessful tenders on finalization of the contract. Successful tender will have to deposit security money of Rs. 50,000/- in the shape of F.D.R. for the period of contract. Security money will be forfeited if the firm fails to perform any of the terms or conditions of our tender enquiry.


10  Tenders may please quote their unconditional rates strictly as per list of items    enclosed. Cutting/overwriting, if any, should be countersigned.


11.Tenderer must quote for complete computer consumable  items.  Incomplete or   part quotations are not acceptable.


12.Tenderer should quote rates specifically to the choice of the items given in Annexure-I.


13.Tenderer is advised not to erase or mutilate any rate quoted by him.  Otherwise his quotation will be ignored.


  1. The DGFT will not be bound to accept the lowest quotation and an order can be placed on any other firm considered suitable for job.  The decision of the department shall be final in this regard.


  1. Business Performance and conduct of every registered supplier is to be watched by the DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF FOREIGN TRADE.


  1.  The DGFT reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in full or in part without assigning any reason thereof and giving any compensation. The decision of the DGFT in this regard shall be final and binding on the firm.

                                                                                                             Yours faithfully,



(Krishan Kumar)

Dy. Director General  of  Foreign Trade



          NAME OF ITEM


Tonner Cart. HP Laser Jet
Tonner Cart. HP Laser Jet-Q 2612+
-do-     HP Laser Jet –Q-5949-A
-do-  HP Laser Jet C-7115-A
-do- HP Laser Jet  51629 A
-do- HP Inkjet print cartridge
-do- HP Inket print cartridge
-do-  HP Inkje print cartridege
Floppies(sonny)/mosser bear
Computer Ribbons-LQ-1050
Logiech wheelComputer Mouse(USV PORT)
CD Writeable – Sony
CD Rewritable – Sony 700 MB  
Mouse Pad
Fax Cartridge  Cannon PS-FR 17K
Fax Cartridge-M-40 (Colour plus black)
Photocopy machine(Toshiba)
Model No. 205 Tonner
Photocopy machine (Toshiba)

Model No. 163 Tonner

Photocopy machine Sharp ARM 5320


Sharp photocopier Machine installed AR-015 BT 4168
Photocopy machine Model Afficio-2018-D(Ricoh)
Modi Xerox photocopier Cartridge-
423-428 soffeteck office product –Dish TV


Computer Mouse ( Optical)






































(Krishan Kumar)

Dy. Director General  of  Foreign Trade