F. No. 6/4/2012-Genl./

Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Directorate General of Foreign Trade,

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi-110011


Dated the 4th  April, 2012


Tender Notice


Sub:- Quotation for Annual Maintenance/servicing for Pest Control work in the office  of DGFT, New Delhi – regarding.


DGFT invites tenders from desirous firms for Annual Maintenance contract for servicing/maintenance for annual contract for Pest Control work of 57219 sq. ft. area of all the room of this Directorate + 2812 Sq. ft. area of Record Room at Jeevan Vihar Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi.  Tenders may be sent so as to reach the undersigned Room in No. 202, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi latest by 12.4.11 upto 1.00 P.M. alongwith earnest money of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only) Bank Draft in favour of DGFT, New Delhi.  Earnest money will be refunded to the concerned bidders after finalization of AMC.  The cover/envelope should be properly sealed and should superscribe in bold letters “Tender for Annual Maintenance contract/servicing of Pest Control work”.   The Tender may be delivered on or any working day upto 1.00 P.M. on or before 12.4.11.  Thereafter tender will not be accepted.  A copy of Terms and conditions is enclosed.


2.       Interested parties/firms who are having valid license of Pest Control are requested to quote their rates per Sq. ft. basis.  Quotations received thereafter will not be considered.


3.       Tenderer are advised not to erase of mutilate or overwrite any rate quoted by them otherwise their quotation may be ignored.  Rates should be indicated both in words and figures.


4.       Tender shall be opened in the chamber of Shri Ishwar Singh i.e. Room No. 313 at 4.00 p.m. on 12.4.11.  Any Tenderer or his/her authorized representative may be present at the time of opening of tenders.


Yours faithfully,



(Prakash Chand)

Foreign Trade Development Officer


Copy to EDI Unit for putting it on DGFT’s website.

















1. The currency of the contract will be initially for one year which will be extended for another one year, if work/services found satisfactory.


2. The contractor having valid license of Pest Control.  A copy of valid licence and copy of latest Income Tax should be enclosed.


3. The contractor will be responsible to give pest control treatment all the rooms/corridors and Bath-rooms and shall depute experienced persons for execution of job along with all material, machines.


4. The spray of insecticide, Pest Control services will be once in a month/Quarter.


5.  The firm should have valid authorization from the concerned Govt. agency to undertake such jobs.


6.  The AMC is comprehensive i.e. inclusive of cost all types of material/insecticides, machines, qualified manpower and cost of transportation.


7.     The AMC encompasses all types of pest control i.e.termite, white ants and other kinds of pests.


8.     This office shall not be responsible for damages of any kind for any mishap/accident/injury caused to the worker(s) while performing duty for the Department.  All liabilities legal or monetary shall be borne by the firm.


9.     The approved rates will not be enhanced during the currency of contract Rate should be mentioned as under:-


(1)        Rate of Pest Control per Sq. ft;


(2)        Rate of Roddent control per sq.ft.


10.     The firm has to furnish a performance security deposit of Rs. 20,000/- in the form of a Account payee Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt from the commercial bank or Bank Guarantee from the Commercial bank in an acceptable form valid for a period of 60 days beyond the expiry of the contract.


11.       The Department reserves its right to terminate the maintenance contract at any time without assigning any reason.  The firm will not be entitled to claim any compensation against such termination.  However, while terminating the contract, if any payment is due to the contractor for services already performed in terms of the contract, the same would be paid to it as per terms and conditions.


12.      In case, the firm backing out in the midstream without any explicit consent control of this Office, it will be liable to the recovery of the higher rate which may have to be incurred by this office on pest control treatment for the balance period of the contract by alternative means.  The bill amount of the period would also be forfeited.  The firm would also be debarred from participating in future tenders of this office.   


13.   No transportation charges on this account will be paid by this office.


14.  Payment will be made on quarterly basis.  No advance payment in any case would be made.



(Prakash Chand)

Foreign Trade Development Officer