FTA Cell



           An FTA Cell has been constituted in the DGFT. FTA Cell will work under the overall directions of a committee which will comprise representatives of Department of Revenue (Customs) ,RMTR Division of the Department of Commerce and Administrative Ministries / Department concerned.


       In the terms of the reference of the Committee will involve monitoring any circumvention in the Rules of Origin, consultations with domestic industry and RPA partners before initiating safeguard action, harmonization of custom duties and monitoring trade under FTAs /PTAs. The FTA Cell is also monitoring any surge in imports on account of tariff preferences under PTAs/FTAs.


          The Trade and Industry is requested to forward representations to the FTA Cell regarding any of the issues listed above for necessary action by the DGFT.



        Contact Details:-


        FTA Cell,

        Room No.-503

        Udyog Bhawan,

        New Delhi-110011

        Tele# 23061562 Extn.292