Pre-shipment Inspection Policy(PSIA)
Type No.   Date Subject
Public Notices 23/2015-2020 22.07.2016 Removal of M/s Trans Border Safety Contral Inspection Services LLC, USA from the list of Inspection and Certificate Agencies (Appendix 2G).
Public Notices 15/2015-2020 31.05.2016 Ten additional Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies are notified as PSIA in terms of Para 2.55(d) of HBP 2015-20 in Appendix 2G.
Public Notices 02/2015-2020 08.04.2016 New PSIAs recognised in terms of FTP 2015-20.
Public Notices 59/2015-2020 02.02.2016 Addition of two Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies (PSIA) in Appendix 2G at Sl. no. 36 and 37 upto 31.05.2016.
Public Notices 57/2015-2020 27.01.2016 Extension of validity of Agencies as listed in the Appendix 2G of A & ANF of FTP 2015-20 up till 31.05.2016.
Public Notices 24/2015-2020 30.06.2015 Amendment in Area/Region of operation of Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies appearing in Appendix - 2G of Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms of FTP 2015-20.
Public Notices 21/2015-2020 23.06.2015 Format of Bank Guarantee, to be executed with DGFT, for recognition as Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency(PSIA).
Public Notices 19/2015-2020 05.06.2015 Amendment in paragraph 2.55 and 2.56 of Handbook of Procedures of FTP, 2015-20 as notified by Public Notice No. 12/2015-2020, dated 18.5.2015 a Pre Shipment Inspection Agency (PSIA).
Public Notices 12/2015-2020 18.05.2015 Amendment in para 2.55 and 2.56 of Handbook of Procedures of FTP 2015-20 regarding issue of Pre Shipment Inspection Certificates.