Type No.   Date Subject
Trade Notice 08/2016 09.06.2016 Clarification regarding FPS benefits to "Other Cast Articles of Iron & Steel"-ITC(HS) code-7325 under SI-No. 279 of Appendix 37 D as revised vide Public Notice 52 dated 25.02.2014.
Trade Notice 05/2016 10.05.2016 Clarification regarding classification of export item "Silico Manganese"[ITC(HS) Code 72023000].
Trade Notice 01/2016 07.04.2016 Eligibility of Liquid Glucose under Focus Market Scheme of Foreign Trade Policy(FTP), 2009-14.
Public Notices 65/2015-2020 21.03.2016 Error correction in Focus Product Scheme (FPS) for export of "Other-Brakes and Servo Brakes and Part thereof "mentioned at SI. No. 608 of Appendix 37D as notified vide Public Notice dated 05.06.2012 of Foreign Trade Policy 2009-2014.
Trade Notice 19/2015 17.02.2016 Clarification on availability of benefit under Focus Product Scheme on the export of item OMEPRAZOLE AND LANSOPRAZOLE.
Trade Notice 11/2015 14.12.2015 Clarification on availability of benefit under Focus Product Scheme of FTP 2009-2014.
Trade Notice 10/2015 10.12.2015 Clarification about eligibility of Indian Kabuli Chickpeas under FPS in FTP 2009-14.
Trade Notice 08/2015 03.11.2015 Application for Duty Credit Scrips of additional 2% under Market Linked Focus Product Scheme (MLFPS) -reg.
Public Notices 29/2015-2020 04.08.2015 Amendment in paragraph 3.06 and 3.08 of Handbook of Procedures of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-20.