Type No.   Date Subject
Public Notices 21/2015-2020 06.07.2016 Amendment of SION for the export product under S.No. A1875-reg.
Public Notices 01/2015-2020 06.04.2016 Amendment in General Note No. 15 for Textiles (Product Code: J).
Public Notices 64/2015-2020 17.03.2016 Standard Input Output Norms under Chemical & Allied Product Group-reg.
Public Notices 61/2015-2020 23.02.2016 Standard Input Output Norms (SION) in Food Products Group.
Public Notices 49/2015-2020 17.12.2015 Fixation of Standard Input Output Norms A1663 for Rubber Products (Import Item No. 10 under Miscellaneous Chemical) in the Handbook of Procedure Vol. II - reg.
Public Notices 33/2015-2020 04.09.2015 New SION in Textile Product Group.
Public Notices 22/2015-2020 23.06.2015 SION for new product 'Golf Gloves' made of Knitted/Crocheted/Woven/Non-woven fabrics under Textile Product Group.