17(RE-2013)/2009-1430.01.2015Guidelines for processing of online IEC applications and IEC check list
16(RE-2013)/2009-1419.01.2015Operationalisation of provisions of Para 5.11.2 of Hand Book of Procedure Vol.-1 (2009-14) [RE:2013]
15(RE-2013)/2009-1431.12.2014Guidelines for Regional Authorities (RAs) to process Online IEC Applications
14(RE-2013)/2009-1410.12.2014Keeping in abeyance the Notification No.93 dt. 29.09.2014.
13(RE-2013)/2009-1424.02.2014Applicability of âActual User Conditionâ? for import of Maize (Corn) under TRQ.
12(RE-2013)/2009-1415.01.2014Type Approval Certificate issuing agencies under Policy Condition number 7 and 9 of Chapter 87 of ITC(HS) 2012.
11(RE-2013)/2009-1430.12.2013Application for grant of authorization for export of various chemicals in terms of Notification No. 56 dated 12.12.2013.
10(RE-2013)/2009-1412.11.2013Enhancement in registered quantity for export of sugar.
09(RE-2013)/2009-1430.10.2013Clarification on requirement of CENVAT declaration as per PN 35 dated 01.03.2011.
08(RE-2013)/2009-1425.10.2013Procedure for closure of cases of default in Export Obligation under Public Notice No.22 dated 12.08.13 .
07(RE-2013)/2009-1423.10.2013Operationalisation of provisions of Para 5.11.2 of Hand Book of Procedure Vol.-1 (2009-14) [RE: 2013]
06(RE-2013)/2009-1416.09.2013Use of Importer-exporter Code Number allotted to them by the importers/exporters.
05(RE-2013)/2009-1414.08.2013Norms for Spices under Advance Authorization.
04(RE-2013)/2009-1408.08.2013Procedures relating to filing of application to obtain Status Recognition Certificate / Nominated Agency Certificate.
03(RE-2013)/2009-1402.08.2013Withdrawal of Policy Circular No.30 dated 10.10.2005 on Importability of Alternative inputs allowed as per SION.
02(RE-2013)/2009-1426.07.2013Validity of IEC for Export Oriented Unit (EOU) or units in Special Economic Zone/Electronics Hardware Technology Park(EHTP)/Software Technology Park(STP)/Bio-Technology Park(BTP) after de-bonding: Review of Policy Circular 26/ dated 11.8.2008.
01(RE-2013)/2009-1429.05.2013Clarification on admissibility of deemed export benefits under Para 8.2F of FTP.