NOTIFICATION NO. 3(RE-2001)/1997-2002

NEW DELHI, 31st March, 2001


S.O              (E) - In exercise of powers conferred under section 5 of the Foreign Trade  (Development  and Regulation) Act, 1992  read with paragraph 1.3 and 4.1 of the Export and Import Policy, 1997-2002, the Central Government hereby makes the following amendments in the ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items , 1997-2002 published on 31st March, 1997 (RE-98),  as amended from time to time, namely –


2.         The following shall be added after paragraph 6 of Chapter 1A (General notes regarding Import Policy) of ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items, 1997-2002:


“ 7.   Import of meat and poultry products will be subject to the compliance of conditions regarding manufacture, slaughter, packing, labeling and quality conditions as laid down in Meat Food Products Order, 1973. All manufacturers of meat/poultry products exporting their goods to India shall be required to meet the sanitary and hygienic requirements as stipulated under Schedule-II of the aforementioned Order.  The imported product shall also comply with the specified packaging, labeling and quality standards as laid down in Schedule-IV of the Order. Compliance of these conditions is to be ensured before allowing customs clearance of the consignment.


 8.   Import of all such edible/food products, domestic sale and manufacture of which are governed by Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954, shall be subject to all the conditions laid down in the aforesaid Act.  Import of all these products will have to comply with the quality and packaging requirements as laid down in the Act.  Compliance of these conditions is to be ensured before allowing customs clearance of the consignment.


9. Import of all primary agricultural products  will be subject to a Bio Security & Sanitary-Phyto Sanitary import permit, to be issued by Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, as per conditions of Plants, Fruits and Seeds (Regulation of Import into India) Order, 1989.  The permit will be based on Import Risk Analysis of the product, to be conducted on scientific principles, in accordance with the WTO Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary measures.  The Import Risk Analysis will be conducted based on various scientific principles, including inter alia,

(a)    the type of pests etc. known to be associated with the particular product in the exporting country;

(b)   the organisms already established in India; and

(c)    the potential impact of such organisms on India’s international trade.


10.  Irrespective of the Policy indicated against the exim code nos. 090220 04 and 090240 06  in column 3 of  ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items, 1997-2002,  the import of these items will be subject to the conditions of the provisions of the Tea Waste (Control) Order, 1959 as amended from time to time.  Import of tea waste is to be allowed only to the licence holders under the afore mentioned Order  issued by Tea Board.


11. Import of textile and textile articles is permitted subject to the condition that they shall not contain any of the hazardous dyes whose handling, production, carriage or use is prohibited by the Government of India under the provisions of clause (d) of subsection (2) of section 6 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986) read with the relevant rule(s) framed thereunder.  For this purpose, the import consignments shall accompany a preshipment certificate from the notified agencies. In cases where such certificates are not available,  the consignment will be cleared after testing of the same from the notified agencies.


3.         This issues in Public Interest.



Director General of Foreign Trade and ex-officio

Additional Secretary to the Government of India






Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade