16/2015-202007.08.2017Amendment in Appendix - 2 E of Foreign Trade Policy , 2015-2020 -reg
15/2015-202002.08.2017Export policy of Muli-bamboo and bamboo products  Proforma for issue of Certificate of Origin (COO) regarding
14/2015-202031.07.2017Trade in Border Haats across the border between Bangladesh and India
13/2015-202027.07.2017Allocation of quantity for export of preferential quuota sugar to USA under TRQ quota
12/2015-202027.07.2017Modification of SION existing at Sl. No. E 8 for export product ` Cashew Kernel`
11/2015-202026.07.2017Amendment in paras 2.16, 2.20, 2.51, 2.74, 2.79 and 2.80 of the Handbook of Procedures (HBP) of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-20 -reg
10/2015-202030.06.2017Extending Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) benefit for `Onions Fresh or Chilled` Under ITC (HS) Code 07031010 upto 30.09.2017.
09/2015-202029.06.2017Modification in para 2.07 (b) of Handbook of Procedures (2015-20) reg.
08/2015-202024.05.2017Amendment in the Public Notice No. 05/2015-2020 dated 27th April,2017
07/2015-202017.05.2017SCOMET Export permission for " Stock and Sale" purposes
06/2015-202027.04.2017Inclusion of Seaport located at Hazira (Surat) Port as a Port of registration under Para 4.37 of Handbook of Procedures 2015-20 - reg.
05/2015-202027.04.2017Change in office address of Regional Office of DGFT at Puducherry and Head of Office at Regional Office of DGFT at Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bengaluru in Appendix-1 A of Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20.
04/2015-202024.04.2017Amendments in Paras 2.72, 2.73, 2.74, 2.81 & 2.82 and Appendix 2S of the Handbook of Procedures, 2015-2020
03/2015-202021.04.2017Services Exports from India Scheme (SEIS)- Schedule under Appendix 3D as annexure to the Public Notice No. 3/2015-20 dated 1st April, 2015-Eligible period extended up to 31.3.2017.
02/2015-202019.04.2017Amendment in Standard Input Output Norms A-39 under hemical & Allied Product Group - reg
01/2015-202013.04.2017Amendments in Product Description in MEIS Schedule-Table 2 of Appendix 3B.