Directorate General of Foreign Trade
Ministry of Commerce & Industry






1 Notification No.  5/2015-2020 dated 24.04.2017 Amendment in Table A of Schedule 2  and Appendix 3  of ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import Items


Public Notice No. 4/2015-2020 dated 24.04.2017 Amendments in Paras 2.72, 2.73, 2.74,2.81 & 2.82 and Appendix 2S of the Handbook of Procedures, 2015-2020
3 Public Notice No. 7/2015-2020 dated 17.05.2017 SCOMET Export permission for 'Stock & Sale' purpose
4 SCOMET List Appendix 3 containing the list of SCOMET items
5 ANF Form concerning SCOMET export licence ANF-2 O for export of SCOMET items listed in Appendix 3 and ANF 2 O(a) for re-export/re-transfer of items from the stockist entry to the ultimate user
6 End Use and End User Certificate The format of EUC is provided in the Appendix 2S(i), Appendix 2S(ii) and Appendix 2S(ii)
7 SCOMET Guidelines The FAQs and Guidelines on India’s export control policy clarify the basic questions related to Policy and Procedures
8 FAQs on SCOMET Changes The document contains FAQs and the consolidated list of changes made in the SCOMET list vide Notification no. 5/2015-2020 dated 24.04.2017