Directorate General of Foreign Trade
Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Next IMWG Meeting (No 02/2018-19) for SCOMET Applications is scheduled on 28.05.2018 at 2.00 pm at Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi




1 Notification No.  5/2015-2020 dated 24.04.2017 Amendment in Table A of Schedule 2  and Appendix 3  of ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import Items


Public Notice No. 4/2015-2020 dated 24.04.2017 Amendments in Paras 2.72, 2.73, 2.74,2.81 & 2.82 and Appendix 2S of the Handbook of Procedures, 2015-2020
3 Public Notice No. 7/2015-2020 dated 17.05.2017 SCOMET Export permission for 'Stock & Sale' purpose
4 Notification No. 13/2015-2020 dated 28.06.2017 Amendment in export policy for export of chemicals listed under SCOMET Category 1C of Appendix 3 of Schedule 2, ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import Items
5 Public Notice No. 11/2015-2020 dated 26.07.2017 Amendment in paras 2.16, 2.20, 2.51, 2.74, 2.79 and 2.80 of the Handbook of Procedures (HBP) of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-20 -reg
6 Notification No. 29/2015-2020 dated 21.09.2017 Amendment in Appendix 3 (SCOMET items) to Schedule -2 of ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import Items, 2012. -reg
7 Public Notice. 27/2015-2020 dated 21.09.2017 Amendment to Paragraph 2.72 (b) of the Handbook of Procedures of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-20. -reg
8 Notification No. 52/2015-2020 dated 07.03.2018 Amendment in Para 2.17 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 on "Prohibition on direct or indirect import and export from/to DPRK (Democratic People`s Republic of Korea) in terms of UNSC resolutions concerning DPRK
9 Updated SCOMET List as on 31.01.2018 Appendix 3 containing the list of SCOMET items
10 ANF Form concerning SCOMET export licence ANF-2 O for export of SCOMET items listed in Appendix 3 and ANF 2 O(a) for re-export/re-transfer of items from the stockist entry to the ultimate user
11 End Use and End User Certificate The format of EUC is provided in the Appendix 2S(i), Appendix 2S(ii) and Appendix 2S(iii)
12 SCOMET Guidelines The FAQs and Guidelines on India’s export control policy clarify the basic questions related to Policy and Procedures
13 FAQs on SCOMET Changes The document contains FAQs and the consolidated list of changes made in the SCOMET list vide Notification no. 5/2015-2020 dated 24.04.2017
14 IMWG Meeting for SCOMET items. Minutes of IMWG Meetings for SCOMET items.