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14/2015-2020   dated:22.06.2018    Regarding :Prohibition on import of milk and milk products from China.

13/2015-2020   dated:20.06.2018    Regarding :Amendment in Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20

12/2015-2020   dated:20.06.2018    Regarding :Supply of essential commodities to the Republic of Maldives during 2018-19.

11/2015-2020   dated:12.06.2018    Regarding :Amendment in impot policy conditions of Natural Rubber under Exim Code 4001 10 of Chapter 40 of ITC(HS), 2017 - Schedule - 1 (Import Policy).

10/2015-2020   dated:07.06.2018    Regarding :Amendments in para 6.08 (b) of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20.


08/2015-2020   dated:21.06.2018    Regarding :Clarification of SEIS benefits to Steamer Agents, etc.

07/2015-2020   dated:23.05.2018    Regarding :Clarification on the term `Duty` under Sl.No.3 of Appendix-3A of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020.

06/2015-2020   dated:22.05.2018    Regarding :Service Providers (and not Ports) are eligible for SFIS/SFIS benefit.

05/2015-2020   dated:04.04.2018    Regarding :Clarification regarding export policy of Roasted Gram - Removal of packing restriction.

04/2015-2020   dated:26.02.2018    Regarding :Clarification regarding export policy of onions - Removal of Minimum Export Price (MEP) and Letter of Credit (LC).

Public Notices

14/2015-2020   dated:20.06.2018    Regarding :Notifying office address of DGFT and its Regional Authorities and their jurisdiction and Private SEZs of Appendix 1A of Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20.

Corrigendum to 09/2015-2020   dated:14.06.2018    Regarding :Correction in the Public Notice No.09/2015-2020

13/2015-2020   dated:12.06.2018    Regarding :Eligibility of Indian Mackerel under Table 2 of Appendix 3B of Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20.

12/2015-2020   dated:28.05.2018    Regarding :Enlistment under Appendix 2E - Agencies Authorized to issue Certificate of Origin - (Non-Preferential).

11/2015-2020   dated:24.05.2018    Regarding :Enhancement in rate of rewards for MEIS Sl.No.207, HS Code 07122000.

Trade Notices

Trade Notice No.18/2018-19   dated:20.06.2018    Regarding :Submission of application seeking authorization for import/export of restricted items through e-mail.

Trade Notice No.17/2018-19   dated:07.06.2018    Regarding :EODC Camp in RAs during 11.6.2018 to 22.6.2018.

Trade Notice No.16/2018-19   dated:07.06.2018    Regarding :Benefit of Focus Product Scheme to HS Code 8481-FTP 2009-14

Trade Notice No.15/2018-19   dated:04.06.2018    Regarding :Doing away with the requirement of DSC for online/digital payment through e-MPS.

Trade Notice No.14/2018-19   dated:30.05.2018    Regarding :Guidelines for filing/processing of MEIS applications in case of Project Exports


Tender No.08/2017   dated:15.03.2018    Regarding :E-Tender for supply of Cut Flowers, Big Flower Baskets (containing 35-40 stick/twigs) for alternative days, supply/maintenance of Indoor plants (small) and flower bouquet for the Office of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (HQrs), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

Tender No.07/2017   dated:28.09.2017    Regarding :E-Tender for award of Contract for Photocopying Work at DGFT (Hqrs), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

Tender No.06/2017   dated:04.08.2017    Regarding :E-Tender for award of Contract for Photocopying Work at DGFT (Hqrs), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

Tender No.05/2017   dated:02.08.2017    Regarding :e-Tender for supply of Manpower Services for cleanliness of entire area of DGFT (Hqrs), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi including Record Room at Jeewan Vihar, New Delhi

Tender No.04/2017   dated:30.06.2017    Regarding :E-Tender for award of contract for photocopying work in DGFT(Hqrs), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi.