Office Orders

E.g., 2017-18
E.g., 05/07/2020
E.g., 05/07/2020
S.N. शीर्षक Office Order No. Year तारीख Detail
1 Charge Assumption of Shri Dr. D.C Dabhole, Deputy DGFT(ITS) Office Order No.52-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 02/07/2020 PDF icon Download
2 Work allocation of Shri S.K. Kala DDG Office Order No.50-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 30/06/2020 PDF icon Download
3 Additional Charge of Shri S. K . Tiwari ,DDG Office Order No.49-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 18/06/2020 PDF icon Download
4 Attachment of ITS Probationers Batch -2019 Office Order No.48-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 17/06/2020 PDF icon Download
5 Relieving of Shri Arvind Shukla,DDG Office Order No.47-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 11/06/2020 PDF icon Download
6 Work Allocation of Vigilance Division and Export Division Office Order No.44-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 11/06/2020 PDF icon Download
7 Additional charge of NC-3 to Shri Munish Kumar,DDG Office Order No.45-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 11/06/2020 PDF icon Download
8 Transfer-Posting of DGFT Hq Office Order No.46-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 11/06/2020 PDF icon Download
9 Transfer - posting of PS, Sr. PPS Office Order No.17-2020-HRD-II 2020-21 09/06/2020 PDF icon Download
10 Additional Charge of Policy-3 Division to Shri Satyan Sharda Addl DGFT Office Order No.43-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 03/06/2020 PDF icon Download