Office Orders

E.g., 2017-18
E.g., 26/02/2020
E.g., 26/02/2020
S.N. Title Office Order No. Year Date Detail
1 Work Allocation of Shri Abhijit Bakshi,Joint DGFT Office Order No.23-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 24/02/2020 PDF icon Download
2 Link Officers in DGFT HQ. Office Order No.22-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 21/02/2020 PDF icon Download
3 Posting of Dr. R.S. Shrinet, Deputy Legal Adviser Office Order No.21-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 18/02/2020 PDF icon Download
4 Promotion of section Head to FTDO Office Order No.20-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 12/02/2020 PDF icon Download
5 Ex-India leave of Shri S.K. Mohapatra ,DDG Office Order No.17-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 10/02/2020 PDF icon Download
6 Additional Charge of RA Bhopal to Shri C.L. Hedaoo ,FTDO Office Order No.16-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 07/02/2020 PDF icon CL.pdf
7 Posting -Transfer of Parveen Bala Chopra,PS and Shri Shiv Prakash Steno Grade D Office Order No.06-2020-HRD-II 2019-20 31/01/2020 PDF icon Download
8 Ex-India Laeve Dr. Praveen Kumar ,Dy. DGFT Office Order No.14-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 30/01/2020 PDF icon Download
9 Transfer on loan Basis of Shri Abhijit Bakshi , Joint DGFT, Kolkata Office Order No.13-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 23/01/2020 PDF icon Download
10 Transfer of Vacancy of Addl. DGFT to RA , Guwahati Office Order No.12-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 22/01/2020 PDF icon Download