Office Orders

E.g., 2017-18
E.g., 11/07/2020
E.g., 11/07/2020
S.N. Title Office Order No. Year Date Detail
21 Promotion to HAG- Shri K.C. Rout, Additional DGFT Office Order No.36-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 18/05/2020 PDF icon Download
22 Transfer-Posting of Addl -Joint DGFT Office Order No.37-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 18/05/2020 PDF icon Download
23 Engagment as consultant Shri Shankar Pandey, SSA Office Order No.16-2020-HRD-II 2021-21 15/05/2020 PDF icon Download
24 Engagment as consultant of Shri S. Nedunzelian, SSA Office Order No.15-2020-HRD-II 2020-21 15/05/2020 PDF icon Download
25 Work-Allocation of DGCIS to Shri Abhijit bakshi,Joint DGFT Office Order No.35-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 12/05/2020 PDF icon Download
26 Posting-Promotion of Shri Manvendra Singh Office Order No.34-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 11/05/2020 PDF icon Download
27 Extension of tenure posting of Shri Alok Chakrabarti Office Order No.33-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 28/04/2020 PDF icon Download
28 Link Officers at the level of Joint DGFT and Deputy DGFT at DGFT(Hqrs) Office Order No.30-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 15/04/2020 PDF icon Download
29 Grant of Non Functional Upgradation (NFU) to Level-15 (HAG level) to ITS officers Office Order No.31-2020-HRD-I 2020-21 07/04/2020 PDF icon Download
30 Duty Roster on 24 March 2020 to 31 March 2020 Office Order No.29-2020-HRD-I 2019-20 24/03/2020 PDF icon Download