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S.No. Circular No. Year Subject Date Details
81 26(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Online transmission of DES (Advance Authorization), EPCG and DEPB at 7 new port locations w.e.f. 21.3.2011 - reg. 21/03/2011 Download (16.21 KB) pdf
82 24(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Amendment to Serial No. 3(ii) of Policy Circular No. 20(RE-2010)/2009-14 dated 14.02.2011 regarding issuance of licences for Value Added Special Yarn/Technical Yarn. 22/02/2011 Download (31.23 KB) pdf
83 25(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Prohibition on export of onion – Clarification for (a) MEP and (b) Export of Bangalore Rose onions and Krishnapuram onions under export licence. 22/02/2011 Download (12.13 KB) pdf
84 22(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Online Payment to the beneficiaries (firms) for their DBK/TED refund claims, by RAs of DGFT. 21/02/2011 Download (15.02 KB) pdf
85 23(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Eligibility of tufted cotton bathmats/cotton tufted bathrugs covered under ITC (HS) Codes 5703 or 5705 for grant of duty credit scrip under VKGUY/FPS of FTP. 21/02/2011 Download (44.56 KB) pdf
86 12(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Clarifications on issue pertaining to EPCG Scheme raised in the Port Officers’ Meeting Held on 3.12.2010. 17/02/2011 Download (19.08 KB) pdf
87 21(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Prohibition on export of onion – Exemption for export of Bangalore Rose onions and Krishnapuram onions. 15/02/2011 Download (15.06 KB) pdf
88 19(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Guidelines for availment of input combination for pharmaceutical products manufactured through Non Infringing (NI) process. 14/02/2011 Download (14.25 KB) pdf
89 20(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Restriction on export of Cotton yarn- Exemption from the quantity ceiling of 720 million Kg for export of (i) cotton yarn manufactured out of imported raw cotton (ii) cotton yarn by 100% EOUs and (iii) Value Added Special Yarn and Technical Yarn upto 31.03.2011 14/02/2011 Download (32.68 KB) pdf
90 18(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Export of Onion in cut, sliced or broken in powder form. 11/02/2011 Download (27.42 KB) pdf
91 17(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Allocation of cotton yarn export not being made today. 10/02/2011 Download (15.61 KB) pdf
92 16(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Temporary suspension of Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) Agencies listed under Appendix – 5 of the Handbook of Procedures Vol-I (Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms) 2009-2014. 04/02/2011 Download (14.88 KB) pdf
93 14(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Guidelines for import and supply of precious metal by the Nominated Agencies 01/02/2011 Download (22.63 KB) pdf
94 15(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Conditions and modalities for applications for grant of quota for export of cotton yarn. 01/02/2011 Download (22.11 KB) pdf
95 13(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Import of inputs under Advance Authorisation (AA) and Duty Free import Authorisation (DFIA) issued against SIONs E-1 & E-5-reg. 31/01/2011 Download (15.3 KB) pdf
96 11(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 “On-line” submission of application – Clarification regarding use of manual mode for filing application on DGFT’s server. 04/01/2011 Download (38.45 KB) pdf
97 10(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Provision of additional facility for filing Importer Exporter Code (IEC) applications “on-line”. 31/12/2010 Download (43.46 KB) pdf
98 09(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Conditions and modalities for registration of contracts of cotton with DGFT. 29/12/2010 Download (29.61 KB) pdf
99 08(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Operationalization of provisions of Para 5.11.2. of Hnad Book of Procedure Vol.1(2009-14) 24/12/2010 Download (15.23 KB) pdf
100 07(RE-2010)/2009-14 2010-11 Conditions and modalities for applications for grant of export licence for export of Cotton Yarn- regarding. 22/12/2010 Download (15.48 KB) pdf