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E.g., 22/08/2018
Public Notices
S.No. Public Notice No. Subject Date Details
141 30/2015-2020 Notification of procedure to be followed in cases of incorrectly issued simultaneous benefits of Zero Duty EPCG and SHIS in FTP 2009-14 by the Director General of Foreign Trade in exercise of powers conferred under Para 2.04 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020. 08/09/2016 Download (2.52 MB) pdf
142 28/2015-2020 Amendment in paragraph 4.61 of Hand Book of Procedures 2015-20 02/09/2016 Download (194.57 KB) pdf
143 27/2015-2020 (A) Amendment in Hand Book of Procedures 2015-20 for incorporating Procedures to be followed for Special Advance Authorization Scheme for export of articles of apparel and clothing accessories under Chapter 61 and 62 of ITC(HS) Classification of Export and Import. (B) Amendment in Appendix-4J relating to Export Obligation Period under Special Advance A 31/08/2016 Download (8.01 MB) pdf
144 26/2015-2020 Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) - Addition in Table 2 {containing ITC(HS) Code wise list of products with reward rtes} of Appendix 3B 26/08/2016 Download (233.42 KB) pdf
145 25/2015-2020 Removal of mandatory warehousing requirements for EOUs, STPIs, EHTPs etc. - Amendment in (i) paras 6.06, 6.20 and 6.40 of Hand Book of Procedures(HBP) 2015-2020; and (ii) Appendix 6E, 6G,6H, 6M,5C and ANF 6A, ANF 6B of Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms of FTP 2015-2020â reg. 13/08/2016 Download (2.18 MB) pdf
146 24/2015-2020 Amendment in Para 4.38 (v) of Hand Book of PRocedures 2015-20 for allowing Clubbing of Advance Authorizations for Annual Requirement. 04/08/2016 Download (208.11 KB) pdf
147 23/2015-2020 Removal of M/s Trans Border Safety Contral Inspection Services LLC, USA from the list of Inspection and Certificate Agencies ( Appendix 2 G) 22/07/2016 Download (42.44 KB) pdf
148 22/2015-2020 Extension of date for filing applications for TRQ on Maize. 11/07/2016 Download (44.18 KB) pdf
149 21/2015-2020 Amendment of SION for the export product under S.No.A1875-reg 06/07/2016 Download (680.16 KB) pdf
150 20/2015-2020 Inclusion of Inland Container Depots located at Hosur (Tamil Nadu) and Nattakkam Village (Kottayam Taluk/District) as a Port of Registration under Para 4.37 of Hand Book of Procedures (2015-2020) 01/07/2016 Download (422.85 KB) pdf
151 19/2015-2020 Insertion of sub-para VIII in paragraph 2.74 (Inter-Ministerial Working Group) in Handbook of Procedures 2015-2020 29/06/2016 Download (323.45 KB) pdf
152 18/2015-2020 Allocation of additional quantity for export of sugar to USA under Tariff Rate Quota(TRQ). 22/06/2016 Download (417.47 KB) pdf
153 17/2015-2020 Amendment in Para 4.47(a)(ii) of Hand Book of Procedures 2015-20 for allowing revalidation of Advance Authorizations along with Bond waiver. 08/06/2016 Download (148.36 KB) pdf
154 16/2015-2020 Enlistment under Appendix 2E - Agencies Authorized to issue Certificate of Origin - (Non-Preferential)-reg. 03/06/2016 Download (61.67 KB) pdf
155 15/2015-2020 Ten additional Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies are notified as PSIAs in terms of Para 2.55(d) of HBP 2015-20 in Appendix 2G. 31/05/2016 Download (691.29 KB) pdf
156 14/2015-2020 Amendment in Appendix -6H {Procedure to be followed for reimbursement of Central Sales Tax (CST) on supplies made to Export Oriented Units (EOUs) and units in electronics Hardware Technology Park (EHTP) and Software Technology Park (STP) and ANF 7A {Application for claim of TED Refund / Duty Drawback/Brand Rate Fixation} as contained in teh Appendices a 30/05/2016 Download (923.26 KB) pdf
157 13/2015-2020 Single application for filing claim under MEIS for shipments from different EDI Ports 27/05/2016 Download (127.26 KB) pdf
158 11/2015-2020 Inclusion of Regional Office, Joint DGFT, Rajkot in the jurisdiction of Committee on Quality Complaint & Trade Dispute (CQCTD) in Chapter-8 of Hand Book of Procedures, 2015-2020. 24/05/2016 Download (838.13 KB) pdf
159 12/2015-2020 Amendment in Appendix - 1A and 6J of Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms of FTP 2015-20 Jurisdiction of Special Economic Zones under Para.6.34 of Handbook of Procedure of 2015 - 2020 - reg. 24/05/2016 Download (187.7 KB) pdf
160 10/2015-2020 Amendment of Appendix -2 X under Foreign Trade Policy, 2015 - 20 18/05/2016 Download (226.92 KB) pdf