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S.No. Trade Notice No. Year Subject Date Details
1 Trade Notice No.13/2016 2016-17 VKGUY benefits on export of grapes including packing material-reg. 04/08/2016 Download (450.06 KB) pdf
2 Trade Notice No.12/2016 2016-17 Reconstitution of Board of Trade (BoT) 01/08/2016 Download (86.22 KB) pdf
3 Trade Notice No.11/2016 2016-17 Deduction of State/ Central Taxes collected from the customers while calculating foreign earnings for SFIS/SEIS Schemes. 21/07/2016 Download (1.47 MB) pdf
4 Trade Notice No.10/2016 2016-17 Closure of EPCG authorizations in case of supplies to SEZ units which have been made prior to 01.04.2015 and where exports proceeds have not been realized through Foreign Currency Account (FCA) of the SEZ unit. 20/07/2016 Download (194.82 KB) pdf
5 Trade Notice No.09/2016 2016-17 Additional quota of 2 lakh MT for import of Rough Marble & Travertine Blocks to authorisation holders in terms of Notification No. 11 dated 21/6/2016. 21/06/2016 Download (135.74 KB) pdf
6 Trade Notice No.08/2016 2016-17 Clarification regarding FPS benifits to "Other Cast Articles of Iron & Steel"-ITC(HS) code-7325 under SI. No. 279 of Appendix 37 D as revised vide Public Notice 52 dated 25.02.2014. 09/06/2016 Download (600.25 KB) pdf
7 Trade Notice No.07/2016 2016-17 Allocation of quantity of Black Pepper, Vanaspati Bakery, Shortening & Margarine and Coconut for import under the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement for the financial year 2016-17 27/05/2016 Download (855.37 KB) pdf
8 Trade Notice No.06/2016 2016-17 Modification in IEC Trade Notice No.6 23/05/2016 Download (334.25 KB) pdf
9 Trade Notice No.05/2016 2016-17 Clarification regarding classification of export item "Silico Manganese"[ITC(HS) Code 72023000] 10/05/2016 Download (384.58 KB) pdf
10 Trade Notice No.04/2016 2016-17 Clarification regarding benefit under Incremental Export Incentivisation Scheme(IEIS) notified vide Notification No. 27 dated 28th December, 2012. 05/05/2016 Download (770.07 KB) pdf
11 Trade Notice No.03/2016 2016-17 Grant of relaxation of ILC with Regional Authorities with reference to Notification No. 38 dated 5th Feb. 2016 21/04/2016 Download (266.63 KB) pdf
12 Trade Notice No.02/2016 2016-17 Clarification on Benefit of MEIS on exports of Tamarind Kernel Powder under ITC(HS) Code 13023290. 19/04/2016 Download (369.37 KB) pdf
13 Trade Notice No.01/2016 2016-17 Eligibility of Liquid Glucose under Focus Market Scheme of Foreign Trade Policy(FTP), 2009-14. 07/04/2016 Download (354.1 KB) pdf
14 Trade Notice No.22/2015 2015-16 Clarifications on Trade Facilitation Measures 31/03/2016 Download (404.9 KB) pdf
15 Trade Notice No.21/2015 2015-16 Reconstitution of Board of Trade (BoT) 23/03/2016 Download (1.25 MB) pdf
16 Trade Notice No.15/2015 2015-16 Strict adherence to the Notification No 114 dated 12.03.2015 specifying number of mandatory documents required for Export and Import 21/02/2016 Download (52.09 KB) pdf
17 Trade Notice No.20/2015 2015-16 Online filing and processing of application for export of SCOMET items uploading of documents relating thereto. 19/02/2016 Download (587.8 KB) pdf
18 Trade Notice No.19/2015 2015-16 Clarification on availability of benefit under Focus Product Scheme on the export of item ` OMEPRAZOLE AND LANSOPRAZOLE`. 17/02/2016 Download (661.85 KB) pdf
19 Trade Notice No.18/2015 2015-16 Instruction on applications for IEC / modification in IEC - reg. 12/02/2016 Download (197.12 KB) pdf
20 Trade Notice No.16/2015 2015-16 Closure of Advance Authorisation licences as per para 4.16(a) of FTP 2009-14, pending for want of payment to be received from Foreign currency account of SEZ unit. 10/02/2016 Download (302.75 KB) pdf