How can I modify my IEC application?

An application can be modified any number of times till it is submitted for processing. You need to login with same details like PAN, mobile and email again.

Where to Login for filing IEC application?

Go to the website Download The file ( bytes) and click on the link Online IEC Application, it will ask you to enter PAN, Mobile Number and Email ID. Two different 5 digits token number with the same serial number will be sent to your Mobile number as well as to your Email Id . With the help of these two token numbers you can login to the IEC Master screen.

For more details, please check IEC HELP file.

What is the technical requirement for filing an IEC?

  1. Internet Explorer11 or above, Chrome 6.3.2 or above with JavaScript enabled. Any time you suspect malfunctioning of the system please clean your browser cache and re-login.
  2. A valid PAN
  3. Valid Mobile Number and Email ID.
  4. Scanned copy of the documents to be uploaded.

Where I can find detailed step by step instruction on filing an IEC application?

Please check IEC HELP file for details.