Online E-IEC Application

Online IEC Modification(FAQ)

Q1. What is the pre-requisite for modifying the IEC ?

Ans. Pre-requisite for modifying the IEC is as given below

  1. Valid PAN of an individual/company/proprietor on which IEC was issued to the party.
  2. Valid e-mail id.
  3. Valid Mobile No.
  4. Online payment of fees of Rs 200/- (Two Hundred only)
[Please Note :The user cannot change his PAN/Mobile No/e-mail id after logging into the IEC system]

Q2.How can I modify my IEC?

Sr.No. Title Details/Download
1 View your IEC Details
2 Check-List of details checked by Regional Authorities before issuance of IEC. Download (58.55 KB) pdf
3 e-IEC Format. Download (214.09 KB) pdf
4 List of Regional Authorities (RAs) of DGFT (with their Jurisdiction) Download (225.62 KB) pdf
5 Format of Bank Certificate* (*Bank Certificate is required only if cancelled cheque is not available). Download (228 KB) pdf
6 List of documents required to be uploaded along with the application form. Download (48.36 KB) pdf
7 Online e-IEC Application Format. Download (134.04 KB) pdf
8 Online IEC Modification(FAQ) Details
9 Online IEC application Details
10 Information of e-IEC Download (134.04 KB) pdf