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E.g., 26/02/2020
What's New
S.No. Notice No. Policy Type Subject Date Details
1 48/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Personal Protection Equipments/Masks 25/02/2020 Download (458.8 KB) pdf
2 Trade Notice No. 51/2019-20 Trade Notices One-time relaxation for submission of hard copy of applications for claiming assistance under TMA for Specified Agriculture Products Scheme 21/02/2020 Download (339.9 KB) pdf
3 64/2015-2020 Public Notices Amendment of Para 2.54 (d)(v)iv in Handbook of Procedures, 2015-2020. 19/02/2020 Download (471.65 KB) pdf
4 63/2015-20 Public Notices Proforma of Undertaking in the form of Legal Agreement for grant of permission for export/re-export of items under SCOMET Control List for repair/replacement and display/exhibition/tender purposes 18/02/2020 Download (2.09 MB) pdf
5 Trade Notice No. 50/2019-20 Trade Notices Applicability of Minimum Import Price on Import of Cashew Kernels for SEZ/EoU units 14/02/2020 Download (191.22 KB) pdf
6 62/2015-2020 Public Notices Amendments to remove the pre-export conditions for the items mentioned against SIONs E-121, E-122, E-123, E-124, E-127 and E-128. 14/02/2020 Download (689.6 KB) pdf
7 61/2015-2020 Public Notices Amendments in the Appendix 3B, Table 2 of the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS 11/02/2020 Download (308.64 KB) pdf
8 Trade Notice No. 49/2019-20 Trade Notices Policy to keep control on exporters using self certified system for EU-GSP Registered Exporter System 11/02/2020 Download (1.41 MB) pdf
9 60/2015-20 Public Notices Amendment in Appendix 2E (List of agencies authorized to issue Certificate of Origin-Non Preferential) regarding incorporation of name of M/s Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre and its branches. 10/02/2020 Download (218.56 KB) pdf
10 47/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Personal Protection Equipment / Masks 08/02/2020 Download (390.42 KB) pdf
11 59/2015-20 Public Notices Extension of Validity of Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies (PSIAs) 07/02/2020 Download (99.5 KB) pdf
12 46/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Onions 06/02/2020 Download (396.98 KB) pdf
13 Trade Notice No. 48/2019-20 Trade Notices One -time permission for resubmission of applications for claiming assistance under TMA Scheme 04/02/2020 Download (425.91 KB) pdf
14 44/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Personal Protection Equipment / Masks 31/01/2020 Download (341.45 KB) pdf
15 45/2015-20 Notifications Incorporating Policy Condition under HSN Code 4810 of Chapter 48 of Schedule Policy I (Import Policy), ITC(HS), 2017 31/01/2020 Download (511.26 KB) pdf
16 Trade Notice No. 47/2019-20 Trade Notices Misclassification of goods under 'Others' category at the time of Import - reg. 29/01/2020 Download (333.28 KB) pdf
17 58/2015-20 Public Notices Withdrawal of MEIS for items in the Apparel and Made-ups sector (Chapter 61, 62 and 63 of ITC HS 2017) from 07.03.2020, Amendment in Para 4.95 of the Handbook of Procedures, 2015-20 and revision of the ANF 4R for Implementation of RoSCTL Scheme 29/01/2020 Download (2.89 MB) pdf
18 43/2015-20 Notifications 2% Additional Ad Hoc Incentive for Two HS Codes 29/01/2020 Download (343.66 KB) pdf
19 57/2015-20 Public Notices Amendment in Appendix 1B, Hand Book of Procedure 2015-20 29/01/2020 Download (547.74 KB) pdf