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What's New
S.No. Notice No. Policy Type Subject Date Details
1 07/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Paracetamol API 28/05/2020 Download (353.67 KB) pdf
2 07/2015-20 Public Notices Allocation of additional quantity of 3569 MT for export of sugar to USA under Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) 28/05/2020 Download (406.8 KB) pdf
3 12/2020-2021 Trade Notices Issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin for India’s exports to Thailand and Vietnam under ASEAN-India FTA 22/05/2020 Download (251.73 KB) pdf
4 06/2015-20 Public Notices Inclusion of Gopalpur Port, Odisha as a Port of Registration under Para 4.37 of Handbook of Procedures, 2015-2020. 22/05/2020 Download (881.68 KB) pdf
5 06/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Masks 16/05/2020 Download (673.56 KB) pdf
6 11/2020-21 Trade Notices Extension of Interest Equalisation Scheme (IES) for Pre and Post shipment Rupee Export Credit for one more year i.e. upto 31.03.2021 with same scope and coverage 14/05/2020 Download (853.31 KB) pdf
7 10/2020-21 Trade Notices Import of additional quota of Urad (2.5 Lakh MT) for the fiscal year 2019-20. 13/05/2020 Download (497.03 KB) pdf
8 05/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in import policy conditions of Silver under Chapter 71 of ITC (HS), 2017, Schedule – I (Import Policy). 13/05/2020 Download (1.06 MB) pdf
9 05/2015-20 Public Notices Procedure for availing Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) on Specified Agriculture Products-claims to be made on per Kilogram basis for the shipments by air regarding. 12/05/2020 Download (816.29 KB) pdf
10 04/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Sanitizers 06/05/2020 Download (340.5 KB) pdf
11 Trade Notice No. 9/2020-21 Trade Notices Clarification with respect to submission of Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate (PSIC). 06/05/2020 Download (686.35 KB) pdf
12 08/2020-21 Trade Notices Clarification with regard to Description of Stock Lot used in Notification No-45-2015-20 dated 31st January, 2020 04/05/2020 Download (494.29 KB) pdf