order notification
S No Title Office Notification No Date Details
1 Age of superannuation Shri Veena Quanungo, FTDO Office Notification No.06/2013 28/03/2013 Download (35.37 KB) pdf
2 Age of superannuation Shri Hari Om, FTDO. Office Notification No.05/2013 28/03/2013 Download (35.52 KB) pdf
3 Age of superannuation Shri G.S. Negi, FTDO. Office Notification No.04/2013 28/03/2013 Download (36.58 KB) pdf
4 Age of superannuation Shri Bal Krishan Sachdeva, Dy. DGFT. Office Notification No.03/2013 28/03/2013 Download (36.39 KB) pdf
5 Age of superannuation Smt. Santosh Madan, PS. Office Notification No.02/2013 28/02/2013 Download (31.73 KB) pdf
6 Age of superannuation Shri Mahender Singh, FTDO. Office Notification No.01/2013 28/02/2013 Download (33.74 KB) pdf
7 Notification for appointment of Shri K.C. Rout as Addl.DGFT. Office Notification No.09 22/10/2012 Download (136.09 KB) pdf
8 Resignation of Smt. Nihita Chakravarty, Section Officer (CSS). Office Notification No.08 27/07/2012 Download (166.62 KB) pdf
9 Appointment of Shri L.B.Singhal, ITS as Additional Director General of Foreign Trade. Office Notification No.07 04/07/2012 Download (117.2 KB) pdf
10 Retirement of Smt. Swaran Kanta,FTDO(CSS) from Government Service with effect from 31.03.2012. Office Notification No.06 02/04/2012 Download (101.55 KB) pdf