order notification
S No Title Office Notification No Date Details
1 Superannuation of Sh. Sukhvir Singh, Dy. Director (Statistics), ISS Office notification 03/2016/HRD-I 04/03/2016 Download (187.75 KB) pdf
2 Superannuation of Smt. Nirmal Sharma, Asst. Director (OL). Office notification 02/2016/HRD-I 06/01/2016 Download (31.83 KB) pdf
3 Superannuation of Sh. Shashi Pal Sharma, Asst. Director (Statistics), ISS Office notification 01/2016/HRD-I 06/01/2016 Download (33.18 KB) pdf
4 Appointment of Sh. Darshan Singh as Addt. DGFT Office notification 10/2015/HRD-I 29/10/2015 Download (47.54 KB) pdf
5 Appointment of Deputy DGFT on regular basis Office notification 09/2015/HRD-I 23/09/2015 Download (242.75 KB) pdf
6 Appointment of FTDO in DGFT. Office notification 08/2015/HRD-I 09/09/2015 Download (42.08 KB) pdf
7 Appointment of Smt. J.R. Dhotre as Asst. DGFT on regular basis Office notification 07/2015/HRD-I 09/09/2015 Download (40.17 KB) pdf
8 Superannuation of Sh. Prakash Chand , DDG Office notification 06/2015/HRD-I 06/08/2015 Download (34.56 KB) pdf
9 Notification of various grades of ITS services Office notification 05/2015/HRD-I 05/08/2015 Download (114.91 KB) pdf
10 Superannuation of Smt. Ajit Kaur, PS (CSSS) Office notification 03/2015/HRD-I 05/06/2015 Download (29.08 KB) pdf
11 Appointment of Asst. DGFT on regular basis Office notification 04/2015/HRD-I 29/05/2015 Download (27.97 KB) pdf
12 Superannuation of Smt. Savita Saxena, FTDO Office notification 01/2015/HRD-I 08/01/2015 Download (27.66 KB) pdf
13 Superannuation of Sh. Kewal Krishan, FTDO Office notification 02/2015/HRD-I 08/01/2015 Download (36.57 KB) pdf