Appellate Order/Review Orders passed By DGFT

E.g., 18/04/2019
E.g., 18/04/2019
E.g., 18/04/2019
S.N. Order Type IEC Name of Party File No. Order No. Order Date Basic Order No. Basic Order Date Basic Order passed By Text of order
1 Review Order 1308001851 Ms Mithila Drugs Pvt. Ltd 18-09-2018-19-ECA-1 18-09-2018-19-ECA-1-312 17/06/2019 18-09-2018-19-ECA-1-312 17/06/2019 DG PDF icon Download
2 Review Order 0399006931 KDL Biotech Ltd. 18-58-2018-19-ECA-I 18-58-2018-19-ECA-I-16 09/04/2019 18-58-2018-19-ECA-I-16 09/04/2019 DG PDF icon Download
3 Review Order 0399006931 Ms United India Corporation 18-04-2018-19-ECA-I 18-04-2018-19-ECA-I-13 08/04/2019 18-04-2018-19-ECA-I-13 08/04/2019 DG PDF icon Download
4 Appellate Order 0395018544 Ms Hemani Intermediates Pvt Ltd 01-92-171-24-AM-18-PC-VI 01-92-171-24-AM-18-PC-VI-2,3 03/04/2019 01-92-171-24-AM-18-PC-VI-2,3 03/04/2019 DG PDF icon Download
5 Review Order 0388024011 Larsen and Tourbro Ltd. 18-46-2018-19-ECA-I 18-46-2018-19-ECA-I-367 14/03/2019 18-46-2018-19-ECA-I-367 14/03/2019 DG PDF icon Download
6 Review Order 0392033461 Ms Maharashtra Steels Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd. 18-35-2018-19-ECA-I 18-35-2018-19-ECA-I-306 28/02/2019 18-35-2018-19-ECA-I-306 17/01/2019 DG PDF icon Download
7 Appellate Order 3796000052 Lubrizol Advance Materials India Pvt. Ltd., 01-92-171-20-AM 18-PC-Vl 01-92-171-20-AM 18-PC-Vl 01/02/2019 01-92-171-20-AM 18-PC-Vl 01/02/2019 DG PDF icon Download
8 Review Order 0392033461 Ms Maharashtra Steels Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd 18-34-2018-19-ECA-I 18-34-2018-19-ECA-I-302 17/01/2019 18-34-2018-19-ECA-I-302 17/01/2019 DG PDF icon Download
9 Review Order 0507088051 Ms Alpha Enterprises 18-26-2017-18-ECA-I 18-26-2017-18-ECA-I-308 17/01/2019 18-26-2017-18-ECA-I-308 17/01/2019 DG PDF icon Download
10 Review Order 0388106352 Ms Chemical De Universe Pvt. Ltd 18-24-2017-18-ECA-I 18-24-2017-18-ECA-I-310 17/01/2019 18-24-2017-18-ECA-I-310 17/01/2019 DG PDF icon Download