Appellate Order/Review Orders passed By DGFT

E.g., 28/03/2020
E.g., 28/03/2020
E.g., 28/03/2020
S.N. Order Type IEC Name of Party File No. Order No. Order Date Basic Order No. Basic Order Date Basic Order passed By Text of order
121 Appellate Order 3796000550 Ms Ankur Chemfood Pvt. Ltd 01-92-171-10-AM-18-PC-VI 01-92-171-10-AM-18-PC-VI-13,14 19/04/2018 01-92-171-10-AM-18-PC-VI-13,14 19/04/2018 DG PDF icon Download
122 Review Order 0392033569 Ms Mahalaxmi Seamless Limited 18-43-2017-18-ECA-I 18-43-2017-18-ECA-I-2410 18/04/2018 18-43-2017-18-ECA-I-2410 18/04/2018 DG PDF icon Download
123 Appellate Order 0388000724 Ms Crystal Granite Marble Ltd 01-92-171-58-AM-16-PC-VI 01-92-171-58-AM-16-PC-VI-9,10 18/04/2018 01-92-171-58-AM-16-PC-VI-9,10 18/04/2018 DG PDF icon Download
124 Appellate Order 2400003912 Ms Indu Overseas Pvt. Ltd. 01-92-171-29-AM-17-PC-VI 01-92-171-29-AM-17-PC-VI-11,12 17/04/2018 01-92-171-29-AM-17-PC-VI-11,12 17/04/2018 DG PDF icon Download
125 Review Order 3192003189 Ms Indrayani Biotech Ltd. 18-13-2017-18-ECA-I 18-13-2017-18-ECA-I-2404 06/04/2018 18-13-2017-18-ECA-I-2404 06/04/2018 DG PDF icon Download
126 Review Order 0390006327 Dr. S.C. Sethi, Ex-Director, Ms Dujodwala Paper Chemical Ltd., 18-48-2017-18-ECA-I 18-48-2017-18-ECA-I-2406 06/04/2018 18-48-2017-18-ECA-I-2406 06/12/2017 DG PDF icon Download
127 Review Order 0398055971 Ms SHB Apparels 18-44-2017-18-ECA-I 18-44-2017-18-ECA-I-2402 06/04/2018 18-44-2017-18-ECA-I-2402 06/04/2018 DG PDF icon Download
128 Review Order 0398000697 Ms Bakul Pharma Pvt. Ltd. 18-27-2017-18-ECA-I 18-27-2017-18-ECA-I-2408 06/04/2018 18-27-2017-18-ECA-I-2408 06/04/2018 DG PDF icon Download