Appellate Order/Review Orders passed By DGFT

E.g., 03/06/2020
E.g., 03/06/2020
E.g., 03/06/2020
S.N. Order Type IEC Name of Party File No. Order No. Order Date Basic Order No. Basic Order Date Basic Order passed By Text of order
51 Appellate Order 3703002158 Afcan Impex Pvt Ltd 01-92-171-25-AM-16- PC-Vl 01-92-171-25-AM-16- PC-Vl-12-13-14 24/04/2019 01-92-171-25-AM-16- PC-Vl-12-13-14 24/04/2019 DG PDF icon Download
52 Review Order 0399006931 KDL Biotech Ltd. 18-58-2018-19-ECA-I 18-58-2018-19-ECA-I-16 09/04/2019 18-58-2018-19-ECA-I-16 09/04/2019 DG PDF icon Download
53 Review Order 0399006931 Ms United India Corporation 18-04-2018-19-ECA-I 18-04-2018-19-ECA-I-13 08/04/2019 18-04-2018-19-ECA-I-13 08/04/2019 DG PDF icon Download
54 Appellate Order 0395018544 Ms Hemani Intermediates Pvt Ltd 01-92-171-24-AM-18-PC-VI 01-92-171-24-AM-18-PC-VI-2,3 03/04/2019 01-92-171-24-AM-18-PC-VI-2,3 03/04/2019 DG PDF icon Download
55 Review Order 0388024011 Larsen and Tourbro Ltd. 18-46-2018-19-ECA-I 18-46-2018-19-ECA-I-367 14/03/2019 18-46-2018-19-ECA-I-367 14/03/2019 DG PDF icon Download
56 Review Order 0392033461 Ms Maharashtra Steels Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd. 18-35-2018-19-ECA-I 18-35-2018-19-ECA-I-306 28/02/2019 18-35-2018-19-ECA-I-306 17/01/2019 DG PDF icon Download
57 Appellate Order 3796000052 Lubrizol Advance Materials India Pvt. Ltd., 01-92-171-20-AM 18-PC-Vl 01-92-171-20-AM 18-PC-Vl 01/02/2019 01-92-171-20-AM 18-PC-Vl 01/02/2019 DG PDF icon Download
58 Review Order 1308001851 Ms Mithila Drugs Pvt. Ltd. 18-10-2018-19-ECA-I 18-10-2018-19-ECA-I-315 17/01/2019 18-10-2018-19-ECA-I-315 17/01/2019 DG PDF icon Download
59 Review Order 0507088051 Ms Alpha Enterprises 18-26-2017-18-ECA-I-308 18-26-2017-18-ECA-I-308 17/01/2019 18-26-2017-18-ECA-I-308 17/01/2019 DG PDF icon Download
60 Review Order 0392033461 Ms Maharashtra Steels Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd 18-31-2018-19-ECA-I 18-31-2018-19-ECA-I-304 17/01/2019 18-31-2018-19-ECA-I-304 17/01/2019 DG PDF icon Download