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What's New
S.No. Notice No. Policy Type Subject Date Details
1 Trade Notice No.59/2019-2020 Trade Notices Retrospective Issuance of Certificates of Origin under India's of trading Agreements 28/03/2020 Download (463.75 KB) pdf
2 54/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Hydroxychloroquine and its Formulations 25/03/2020 Download (746.91 KB) pdf
3 53/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Ventilators including any artificial respiratory apparatus or oxygen therapy apparatus or any other breathing appliance/device and Sanitizers. 24/03/2020 Download (466.85 KB) pdf
4 Trade Notice No.58/2019-2020 Trade Notices Modalities for import of 4 lakh MT of Urad for the fiscal year 2020-21 23/03/2020 Download (381.23 KB) pdf
5 ECA Circular No. 32/2015-20 Circulars Institution and/or continuation of proceedings under Foreign Trade (Development & Regulations) Act, 1992 and Rules thereunder against companies/firms against whom proceedings have been instituted in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. 20/03/2020 Download (868.73 KB) pdf
6 33/2015-20 Circulars Clarification on Notification No. 50/2015-20 dated 03.03.2020 20/03/2020 Download (361.48 KB) pdf
7 34/2015-20 Circulars Clarification on Export of API/Formulations (Restricted) under Advance Licence 20/03/2020 Download (381.98 KB) pdf
8 Trade Notice No. 56/2019-2020 Trade Notices Restriction on Import of Pulses 19/03/2020 Download (940.02 KB) pdf
9 Trade Notice No. 57/2019-2020 Trade Notices Modalities for import of 4 Lakh MT Urad for the fiscal year 2020-2021 19/03/2020 Download (886.44 KB) pdf
10 52/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Masks, Ventilators and textile raw material for masks and coveralls 19/03/2020 Download (474.43 KB) pdf
11 51/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in import policy of items under Chapter 26 and 27 of ITC (HS), 2017, Schedule-I (Import Policy) 18/03/2020 Download (408.61 KB) pdf
12 65/2015-20 Public Notices Proformae of application and end use certificate for implementation of “Global Authorisation for Intra-Company Transfers (GAICT) of SCOMET items / software/ technology” under Para 2.79F in the Handbook of Procedure 17/03/2020 Download (1.63 MB) pdf
13 Trade Notice No. 55/2019-2020 Trade Notices Steps taken by Department of Financial Services with regard to Disruption on account of Corona Virus. 12/03/2020 Download (709.21 KB) pdf
14 50/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of APIs and formulation made from APIs 03/03/2020 Download (649.04 KB) pdf
15 Trade Notice No. 54/2019-2020 Trade Notices Import of additinal quota of Urad (2.5 Lakh MT) for te fiscal year 2019-20. 03/03/2020 Download (216.9 KB) pdf
16 Trade Notice No. 52/2019-20 Trade Notices Steps taken by CBIC to facilitate clearances in view of situation arising due to Corona Virus. 02/03/2020 Download (1.19 MB) pdf
17 Trade Notice No. 53/2019-2020 Trade Notices Online filling and Issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin under India Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IKCEPA) for India's Exports to Republic of Korea w.e.f. 06th March 2020. 02/03/2020 Download (66.08 KB) pdf
18 49/2015-20 Notifications Amendment in Export Policy of Onions 02/03/2020 Download (379.65 KB) pdf